Suicide Is Not The Best Solution

When it seems you are sinking in sorrow
and it's hard to stand the pains of tomorrow.
Stop following the footpath of frustration,
Suicide is not the best solution.

When encouraging words seem so worthless,
Seek professional help, don't stay hopeless.
Don't go down the dungeon of damnation.
Suicide is not the best solution.

A knockdown is not always a knockout.
Death is an exit route, not an escape route.
Stop listening to the chorus of confusion,
Suicide is not the best solution.

Painful moments are not always permanent,
there is a trophy on the other side of torment.
Find an anchor in your stormy situation.
Suicide is not the best solution.

Life is a potpourri of pains and pleasure.
Sometimes the pains get beyond measure,
Implode your pains with positive imagination,
Suicide is not the best solution.

Don't pass pain as a legacy to others,
life is bigger than blames and blunders.
Face haunting shadows with determination,
Suicide is not the best solution.

Copyright © Adeleke Adeite 2018


Maximize The Moment To Make Sweet Memories

In life’s journey this year, I got to a junction
where I felt that suicide was not an option.
Deep within me I knew that I was already dead
So, I looked forward to the glory ahead.
What people said about me became a pleasant prison,
the thoughts in my head were more like palatable poison.
For me to die, I couldn’t find a better reason,
this season taught me a sweet but bitter lesson…
Life will happen when it’s least expected,
Sometimes, we’ll be nice but ignored and neglected.
Sometimes we’ll do everything to be praised and celebrated
only for our pride and prestige to be crushed and castrated.
Life happens, no doubt.
Door opens, just get out!
I’m not talking about security doors around you
but the doors of insecurity within you…
The prison doors we lock ourselves in,
thinking that we are blocking pains and pressure
only to find out that we are prisoners
of things that were, are not and would never be.
It’s time to force those doors open and be free.
It’s time to break those walls for the world to see
that we cannot be chained by the pains of the past,
we cannot be framed by the fear of failure…
We will maximize the moment to make great memories
and pick up our pens to write sweet stories…

©2018 Adeleke Adeite

Jesus (Hymn)

That wonderful name,
He saved me from shame,
Now I’m not the same,
There is no other name that saves.

Lord of all the earth,
who gives hope and health,
The source of my strength,
There is no other name heals.

My great companion,
Who gives dominion,
Defeatless Lion,
There is no other name that wins.

The most glorious King,
To His cross I cling,
greatest song to sing,
There is no any other name that reigns.

Come let us adore
humbly bow before
He reigns evermore,
There is no other name I praise.
Copyright Adeleke Adeite 2018

Whirlwind of Woes

O whirlwind, you steal our dearest dreams
and plunge them into surging streams…
I wonder why you give sweet-scary screams
when you are a thief with blurred beams.

O whirlwind, I hear your echoes or errors…
raging and ravaging, caressing threshing floors…
your wings of woes ring a bell on all doors.
I thought you would spare my rich neighbours.

O whirlwind, bring back the dazzling dawn…
give us at twilight the strength to yawn.
Restore the racy radiance of our luxury lawn..
You need not bury this broken brawn.

O whirlwind, why hide your wing of woes
and keep serene cities on their toes?
You turn the soil, skies and seas to our foes
whenever you wed the boisterous billows.

O whirlwind, we will not be tamed by your tide
we will preen in the pomp of passion and never hide…
we will stir up the stream of strength from inside
and fulfill our days with pleasure and pride…

Adeleke Adeite

What Love Can Do

Love performs
everything it preaches.
Love reforms
everyone it reaches.
Love transforms
everything it touches.

Love rewrites
sour and sweet stories.
Love ignites
golden gains and glories.
Love unites
moments and memories.

Love commands
respect and responsibility.
Love understands
the heartbeat of humanity.
Love stands
in prosperity and in adversity.

Love sings
a priceless and perfect part.
Love springs
from a honourable heart.
Love brings
joy and makes pains depart.

-Adeleke Adeite

Hallelujah (Hymn)

Let us all us arise to rejoice
Waves and oceans roar with great voice,
God preserves us by His great love,
watches over us like His dove
and feeds us with bread from above.

Goodnews to the weary and sad,
God will make the gloomy so glad,
For our sake Jesus bled and died;
to give life He was crucified,
Healing flows from His bleeding side.

Though thick cloud covers the blue skies,
Tears may soil our blurred crimsoned eyes,
When in Christ resides our focus,
through this world He’ll guide and lead us,
and in Heav’n we’ll sing this Chorus
©2013 Adeleke Adeite

If Racists Had Known Better

Of all the things that are vital
to each and every mere mortal,
the most precious thing is breath;
It’s the wall between life and death.
A universal and unifying energy
that gives mortal bodies synergy.
More than a mixture of elements,
it contains nature’s supplements.
Breath respects no race or religion;
it spans across all realms and regions.
Racists would have been more logical
if breath and skin colour are identical.
Breath is what make the difference,
race is irrelevant to our existence…
One scary thing I know about racists
is that they are worse than terrorists.
They get bitter in order to feel better,
Their cold souls need divine sweater.
As long as breath has no colour,
racism will be a sign of dishonour.
Life would not have been this bitter
if some racists had known better.

-Adeleke Adeite

The Journey To a Juicy Life

I love cooking a lot, good food always change my mood. In fact, delicious meals melt my heart. I follow some chefs online and have come to appreciate the fact that all nutritious and sumptuous meals have some unpalatable ingredients. For instance, Onions hurt our eyes temporarily but they are also medicinal- what an irony!

Proper application of different ingredients makes a delicious meal, so is our life. The distance between our dreams and our destination is our determination to keep sailing even when storm strikes. The journey to a juicy life is not a jolly ride.

In fact, the difference between here and there is “T”. For some people T means time – they need to be patient; for some, T means trials, they need to persevere while for others, it may mean temptations which will require them to be prayerful and proactive.
When the road gets rough and times get very tough, excuses are never enough.

No one has ever arrived at a bright future with bags full of past pains, garbage of guilt and baggage of bitterness. Excuses and excellence are like night and day, they don’t meet.

Growth comes with pain but turning pains to gain takes time, trust and tenacity.

There is a time to sow and a time to reap, in between is the time to keep watering, weeding and also wait for the seeds to grow.

Life is a race that requires grace. We were born alone and will die alone but we can’t live alone. We need people and positive emotions to sail through stormy tides.
Take one day at a time, join a trying team, don’t sleep on your dreams, be hopeful and prayerful.

When you get to a dead end or boisterous bend, when situations are hard to comprehend and no one is there to lend a helping hand, when it seems all is over, that’s when God takes over, hand everything over to to Him.

To hand over everything to God, first acknowledge that He is aware of the situation you are in, look back at all the previous victories you have enjoyed and thank Him, then prayerfully surrender your worries, battles and situations to Him.

Finally, seek godly counsel and take actions without delay. Get up, gear up, grow up and never give up.
God bless you my dear friends.
Endure tough times and enjoy your journey till it gets juicy.
-Adeleke Adeite