Spark a Smile

Whatever your burden may be,
don’t let it bury your beauty.
Spark a smile.

Life is a platter of possibilities,
don’t focus on uncertainties.
Spark a smile.

Anxiety will become invalid,
When your faith becomes solid.
Spark a smile.

The journey may seem chancy,
but your success can be juicy,
Spark a smile.

No mountain too high, buddy,
Sadness is not your reality,
Spark a smile.

Whatever the past may bestow,
don’t let it dim your glow,
Spark a smile.

You may be tempted to cry,
Let teardrops drip and dry.
Spark a smile.

Your seeds are buried to bloom,
stop declaring defeat or doom.
Spark a smile.

Don’t use your smile as a mask,
covering pains is a pointless task.
Spark a smile.

Let your smile flaunt your hope,
It will give you the vigour to cope.
Spark a smile

Your smile is your best makeover
It sprinkles joy and bliss all over.
Spark a smile.

Let your sweet smile
make someone go the extra mile.
Spark a smile.

© Adeleke Adeite

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Borrow No Sorrow

Whether you are on the mountain,
basking in bliss, blessings and beauty
or you feel stuck in the valley of pain,
seeking an exit route out of adversity.

Don’t be defined by your condition,
you are a boundless mobile miracle.
Don’t be deterred by stormy situations,
locate opportunities in every obstacle.

There is a flaming faith inside of you,
it’s potent enough to melt mountains.
There is a balm flowing inside of you,
it’s strong enough to heal intense pains.

Maximize your pain to make a profit,
don’t wallow in worries, it’s pointless.
Stir up the dizzy giants in your spirit,
look up and within, you’re not helpless.

It takes crushing to make a new wine,
see adversity as an added advantage.
It takes burning for the sun to shine,
Pain is part of the colourful package.

Don’t borrow sorrow from tomorrow,
there is a river of joy within you.
The God who provides for the sparrow
places a higher premium on you.
© Adeleke Adeite

Progression Over Perfection

The ugliness of the caterpillar does not reduce its capacity to become a beautiful butterfly. It’s merely a sign of growth, so is failure.

No one is perfect, but everyone can have a positive effect. Nothing was created for perfection, everything exists for progression. Great artists believe that every mess has a beautiful message. You can create a colourful package out of a complete wreckage only if you learn to pick up broken pieces and process them to make a masterpiece.

Perfection leaves little or no room for improvement. That’s why perfection remains a relative concept. Imperfection provides a platform for progression. It sometimes requires choas to create a beauty, just as the rainbow rises from the ashes of storms.

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A lot of times, we focus on our failures, and forget that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s an opportunity for success. Learning precedes lifting. You will do better and become better when you know better. Great men and women are those who consistently learn how to use failures as catalysts for success.

The fact that something is not working gives room for discovery and recovery. The greatest inventions and innovations in our world are answers to failures and inadequacies.

Our shortcomings are indications that there is room for growth and positive change. Stop fueling your flaws with regrets, worries and doubts. Study material that will help you become a better version of yourself.

Our weaknesses are the channels through which God releases and reveals His strength. We need to always pray for the grace to shun guilt and embrace change. Repentance positions you for deliverance and abundance.

Our flaws and foibles are not setbacks but setups for discovery, recovery and delivery. God made us imperfect so we can appreciate and embrace the grace for growth. Relational, emotional and professional mess can metamorphose into a beautiful, impactful and wonderful life.

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Action Point:

  • Write a list of all your setbacks, weaknesses, failures, threats and inadequacies.
  • Write out every possible way you can overcome or maximise your failures as catalysts for growth.
  • Speak to an expert or counsellor if you need further guidance or help.
  • Make a commitment to be responsible to write a new story even if you can’t rewrite your past mistakes. Shun regrets, your best life is ahead of you. Make it happen.

© Adeleke Adeite

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Be blessed and stay safe.

Looters and Shooters

Poverty is a weapon of political oppression,
Hungry protesters are kinsmen of lousy looters.
Brutality is a weapon of mass suppression,
Inhuman police officers are shady shooters.

When corruption is a nation’s operating system,
policy somersault becomes its trademark.
When abject deprivation is a nation’s emblem,
relentless rebellion becomes its benchmark.

Protest against systems designed to oppress,
Don’t dialogue with demons, cast them out.
They will fight back, don’t retreat, don’t regress.
With faith and focus, they can’t knock you out.

Freedom of expression is an invitation to warfare
when rash rulers occupy the citadel of the state.
Free and fair election becomes a nightmare
when bad leaders are elected by hungry electorates.

Your vote is your voice, join a formidable band,
sing an adieu anthem to all clueless rulers.
Don’t sit on the fence, arise and take a stand,
Save yourself from the hands of political dealers.

Peace is not a prize but a product of equity,
freedom is not free, stop entreating dictators.
Play your part to enrol peace and prosperity,
You are agents of change, not mere agitators.

© Adeleke Adeite

Hello Fear

Dear fear,
Now that you’ve shown up again
My welcome message is plain
I am no more that chamber of pain
where you used to rule and reign.

So before you clench your fierce fist,
Sit down and listen to my cool gist.
You’re no longer that foe I dreaded
I’m now a king and won’t be headed.

You can no longer crush my courage,
My soul is too sacred to be held hostage.
I will let you fly freely in an old cage,
and keep it behind my stunning stage.

I once dealt with you in ignorance
and you swindled me with arrogance.
Now the truth has earned me freedom,
Watch me soar with the wings of wisdom.

Give me shadow and I’ll face the light,
In every little glow, I will derive delight.
And before you try your rusty tactics
Watch out for my limitless theatrics.

© Adeleke Adeite

What’s your biggest fear and how are you handling it?

Protesting For Posterity

Protest is not the answer, protest is one of the options and you know what? Justice is the answer! No one wants to see or smell blood but some people may have to pay the ultimate price in the quest for freedom and justice.

Revolution and restoration can only be achieved by a generation that values the principles of integration, aggregation and penetration over competition and recognition. Unity is a weapon of mass restoration.

Freedom is not free. It is either someone has paid for it, someone is paying for it or someone will pay for it. The price of freedom is not always high if people pool resources together. Every cent matters.

Peaceful protest attracts aggression from oppressors. If you can’t join them, beat them. Innovation provides a cooler dimension of aggression. Wisdom trumps strength.

Violence is way better than silence. Silence is the garden where bitterness is buried. It’s only a matter of time, bitterness gets fertelized by frustration, becomes a tree with ripe rebellion that haunts the oppressors. Refuse to be silent forever.

Dead men tell no tales but their blood screams out loud for justice peppered with vengeance. Death has never been the end of life, it’s a transition.

No one will leave this world alive. You have many lives to live, make your death count. There is life after death and there is death after life. Live for something significant if your want your death to be a remarkable transition.

Everyone kills to survive. Every other day, mosquitoes get murdered in cold blood, vegetarians kill green plants, scientists kill viruses. Death has always been a vital part of survival. When good men refuse to kill evil, it becomes a monster and haunts them.

Your life is too small to be the reason God created you and gave you unique gifts. Your purpose is beyond possession and position. God had posterity in mind when He gave you access to prosperity.

You will not only be remembered for what you have done. You will be rewarded for what you have done. Greed and corruption are manifestations of ignorance with a touch of arrogance.

Procrastination is not a thief of time it’s the assasin of great opportunities. Change happens when opportunities are used at the right time. Intimidators are inspired by cowardice. If the oppressor has taken your voice and your vision from you, recovery is by revolt, freedom is by force.

If you don’t want to be a prey, don’t just pray to God, protest against grave oppression. Your voice is your weapon, but it’s not your only weapon. Your tongue is not the only part of your body. Use every weapon at your disposal to secure your disposal. Protest for peace, progress, prosperity and posterity.

© Adeleke Adeite

From Page To Stage

From page to stage,
poetry is my love language.
No cross, no cage
can hold my heart hostage.

From east to west,
peace is my love language.
No terror or tempest
can mess up my message.

From earth to paradise,
truth is my love language.
No luggage of loss and lies
can turn my gem to a wreckage.

From oceans to oasis,
faith is my love language.
No chaos, no crisis
can box me into bondage.

And you, my friend, what’s your love language?

The Fist of Freedom

A people without a destination needs no direction,
they see every wave is a weapon of mass distraction.
When a country cannot maximize modernization,
cruel crimes will be its symbol of civilisation.

Soro soke” is our new national salutation,
Our society now craves socioeconomic sanitation.
Madmen in uniform requires total rehabilitation.
Arrogant ancestors in agbada should go into extinction.

When money becomes a man’s sole motivation,
timeless treasures become his timely temptation.
He uses brutality to build a faulty foundation
on which he constructs castles of corruption.

When rodents rule over a resourceful nation,
they ravage lives without fear of retribution.
In a bid to manipulate and win general elections;
they trade the fortune of the unborn generation.

It’s time to crush cocoons and form a coalition
to drive the change we desire with determination.
Police officers should enforce laws with caution.
Human rights should be given optimum attention.

Public office should not be a juicy junction
where the elite derive economic domination.
It’s time to speak up for our nation’s liberation
from the claws of cluelessness and corruption.

© Adeleke Adeite

Soro soke is a Yoruba slogan which means “Speak up”
Agbada is a four-piece flowing male attire mostly worn in southwestern Nigeria.

Candlelight’s Clarion Call #EndSARS

In the brewery of brutality
they were crushed and killed.
By custodians of criminality
innocent bloods were spilled.

Silenced by trigger happy cops,
yet their peace is loud and clear.
It roars and rages from rooftops
to fight police fierceness and fear.

In the sanctuary of our streets
a million-candle sparkles.
Timeless tales told with tweets
as every timeline twinkles.

Every candle screams in silence
“justice must prevail”.
Politicians can’t preen in pretence
while heroes travail.

The end of bad governance is here,
It’s happening right now.
The end of police brutality is here,
It’s happening right now!

#EndSARS protests in Nigeria took a different and emotional twist today, Friday October 16, as protesters all across the nation and in Diaspora holds a candle night in remembrance of all victims of Extra-judiciary killings and police brutality.

Recall that the protest started as a critical response to incessant police brutality and extrajudicial killings by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) unit of the Nigerian Police Force which was disbanded by the Inspector-general of police, Mohammed Adamu who later, announced the establishment of Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) to replace SARS.

Feminist Coalition, a group of young Nigerian feminists formed in July 2020 with a mission to champion equality for women in Nigerian society has been at the forefront of the protests, mobilizing resources, raising awareness, coordination protests and so on.

The names of some of the victims published by Feminist coalition

The names of some of the victims published by Feminist coalition

Some videos and pictures from the candle night

Say a prayer for Nigeria. Africa deserves a living and thriving giant, not a corrupt and crawling ant.
© Adeleke Adeite All Rights Reserved

Faith-boosters and Fear-bursters

Faith is the expression of our capacity to capture possibilities amid adversities. It provides a platform for us to deploy our spiritual stamina against the forces of fear, failure and frustration.

The reason why we need faith is that we can’t figure out everything, we can’t fight every war and we can’t fix every difficulty all by ourselves.
Life is a potpourri of uncertainties and possibilities, but faith should be our autoresponse to crises, it guarantees ultimate victory.
Faith positions you to know the mind of God and what He expects you to do in the storm.

God can do everything but He will not do everything. He will make a way but it’s up to you to walk in it. God created the apple tree, it’s up to us to process the fruit to produce apple juice. Faith is not waiting on God to do what He has empowered us to do.

Here are a few faith-boosting nuggets to spice up your soul for victory.

Life will sometimes knock you down, it’s up to you to pick yourself up with prayers and keep pursuing your dreams.

A week has seven days,
Live your best life daily.
A will has several ways,
Try new things consistently.

Stop fueling your fears with wrong assumptions,
Fuel your faith with godly information.

A life without faith is hopeless.
A heart without hope is helpless.
A family without love is homeless.

The flame of faith can melt mountains.
The force of hope can move mountains.
The fragrance of love can mash mountains.

Faith makes the impossible possible.
Hope makes the unbearable bearable.
Love makes the unreachable reachable.

Happiness is free but you have to pay attention to the blessings within and the beauty around you no matter the confusion confronting you.

Unmask your fears
to unlock possibilities.
Unleash your faith
to uncover certainties.

You may have been through
hell and high water
but God’s plans for you are
bigger and better.
Don’t let your present pains
make you bitter
because your glorious future
will shine brighter…

God will make a way where there seems to be no way, but are you willing to walk in His ways?
© Adeleke Adeite 2020

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