We belong to a royal race,
grounded in glory and grace.
We belong to a fearless fold,
Lions we are, brave and bold.

We belong to a world of winners,
no more counted among sinners.
We belong to the Creator’s kingdom;
flowing freely in faith and freedom.

We belong to a clan of conquerors,
eroding errors and taming terrors.
We belong to an awesome home
where Satan and sinners can’t roam.

We belong to an alluring arena above
where angels live in light and love.
We are custodians of Christ’s covenant,
breaking bars and slaying every giant.

This is who we are, brightest stars,
never distracted by scary scars.
With Jesus joy we walk in victory,
reigning with the King of glory.

© Adeleke Adeite 2019

Helping Spirits and Hurting Spirits

A friend that will build a brighter future with you will not use the bricks of your bitter past. All human beings are not perfect but some choose to have positive effect on everyone they meet in life.
I was discussing with my friend Emeka Richard Agu yesterday, I told him that it’s like the last piece of my heart has been broken (last year), the only thing I have left is my conscience. There is no heart for anyone to break anymore.
If my conscience has the capacity to make me treat you kindly, it also has the capacity to make me leave you quickly especially if you are showing signs of retrogression and oppression.
The moment some friends want to ruin your faith, focus and future, run far from them.

We don’t have to be perfect to have positive effect on the people in our circle of influence. A lot of people use imperfection as an excuse to hurt, harass and harm others. It is a fundamental fact that no one is perfect but it is also a timeless truth that everyone can improve and have positive impact.

Don’t imprison yourself in your imperfections. God’s strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. So, it is unfair to use our imperfections to stress, oppress and suppress others.

We were made in the image of the most wonderful God, hence we are an expression of His boundless beauty. I have come to realize that real beauty is all about bringing out the best in others, whoever brings out the worst in others and make them feel valueless, no matter how physically attractive such a person is, he or she is ugly in the mirror of humanity.

In certain societies, it is believed that the man is the ‘head’ of the home and he is expected to give his home a sense of direction and stability but some men have decided to be the ‘headache’ of their homes; irresponsibility and infidelity has turned them to monsters.
However, a woman is expected be the helper of the home but some have become the hunter of the home. While some women are like holy spirit, bringing comfort and courage with their words and way of life, some are like evil spirits, their lying tongues and losed thighs bring conflict and confusion to their homes.

What kind of spirit are you? A hurting spirit or a helping spirit. In life there are no losers or winners, there are only choosers who make conscious and constant efforts to either win or lose.

A mistake doesn’t make you a hurting spirit but when ‘mistakes’ are multiplied and you hurt people more than you help them, you know your spirits is a hurting spirit. We all are prone to errors but when errors become erosion that washes away the peace, progress and prosperity of others, it is a sign that we have yielded our souls to hurting spirits.

It is possible to be impefect and still have positive influence on those in your circle. We can achieve this by taking the following steps:
1) Be swift to defend and slow to offend. Life is not all about competition but positive contributions.
2) Be quick to applaud what is good, if you must criticize, make it constructive.
3) Be quick to apologise and repent when you are wrong. Apologies without positive change in behavior is worthless.
3) Be intentional about kindness, don’t give in order to get. Kindness is not business.
4) Look for the good in others and make conscious effort to make others better than you met them.
5) Appreciate every act of kindness, not just in words but in deeds.
6) Explore endless grace to be good to others.
7) Experience and express love. Be good to yourself and everyone.
8) Extend hands of limitless opportunities to everyone.
We all have what it takes to make the world a better place, a place where we can love, laugh and live together in happiness and harmony.
© Adeleke Adeite 2019

Appointed Time or Expected Time

The fact that you have a divine appointment does not mean you won’t face delays and disappointment. Every God-dream has a God-time. A lot of people worry and panic when they should just work and pray. Time and chance are factors to be considered in making choices when the delivery of destiny seem to be delayed.

Delay doesn’t mean God is postponing the fulfillment of what He has promised, it only means that God is preparing you to be able to handle what He is about to hand over to you. You cannot be more eager than God to fulfill His purpose for your life. His name and honour is at stake. He won’t promise if He hasn’t perfected it.

No one give will you a trophy for a race you are yet to run no matter how skillful or hopeful you are. Teachers do not give their students grades for tests they are yet to take. God’s best is on the other side of your tough test but you need to be patient, passionate, positive, prayerful and proactive enough to possess your possession.

A woman does not give birth to a child immediately she gets pregnant. Seeds do not become fruits in the same season they are planted.
Purpose has processes, success comes in stages, greatness needs time to get off the ground.

Some things come late because God wants them to last for a long time. God’s ways are not our ways, His time is not our time, in fact, a million years is like a day in His sight. Don’t ever think you are being delayed or denied, the vision is for an appointed time and not for an expected time.
Your waiting time is not a weeping, worrying or wailing time. It’s a time to engage grace to see the invisible, hear the inaudible, do the impossible and expect God to unleash the incredible.

Take time to study God’s word to have reassurance and then engage hope to enjoy victory in advance.
Prayer prepares your barn for God’s abundance
and faith makes room for total deliverance.
Don’t fake it till you make it, faith it till God gives you.
© Adeleke Adeite 2019