Half full or Half empty

Two professors were arguing
that a cup was either half full
or half empty. While they were
still arguing, someone dashed
in and gave the half cup of water
to a little boy who was half-dead due to dehydration and the boy
became so full of life.
If we focus on our differences,
we won’t make a real difference.
If we stop defining ourselves by our differences,
if we stop sleeping in stark silence
if we stand with values to stop violence,
if we build bridges and break those fences,
May be we can finally make a real difference.
If we put kindness before business,
we won’t buy quick death with wealth.
Yes, money is good but honey is food…
We need not sell our sweet souls
just to secure some golden goals.

-Adeleke Adeite

Wailing Worms in Seasonal Storms

Like birds flying in pathless air,
life can be unclear and unfair…
We often thread tough terrains
which throw us into pit of pains,
and we sometimes face storms
that make us feel like worms…
We need not use temporary tide
as an excuse to attempt suicide,
If we want to continue sailing,
we surely have to quit wailing…
Men who crave colourful crowns
often face fierce ups and downs…
Sometimes they have to quit,
not because they are not fit…
They quit allowing life’s tempest
to crash their quest for the best.
They quit allowing peer pressure
to tame their timeless treasures.
They quit allowing seasonal setbacks
to get them off their timely tracks.
They jump out of dens of depression
to proudly possess their possessions…
It’s time to get up my friend,
this bad bend is not your end.

Copyright 2018 Adeleke Adeite

Wonders of Weaklings

Never measure the significance of a thing by its size, and never judge the strength of a man by his muscle. Life is a potpourri of petty things that are almost priceless. Air is invisible, yet it is one of the most important elements in the world.

Our world is filled with worm-like creatures that work wonders. The human eye is one of the smallest sense organs yet it is responsible for vision and direction. As small as mosquitoes are, they are responsible for a major illness. A small key is all that is required to open the biggest door in the world.

Joel Postman wrote “Honey is not bee poop. Honey could more accurately be described as bee vomit. I’m not sure that will make you feel better, however.” We are surrounded with minute things are are marvelous and mighty in their own ways.

God is a specialist in turning messy pieces into masterpieces. He stored tall trees inside small seeds. When He wanted to create man, He used dust. Dust became human body with blood and bones. Imagine that!

Scripture is filled with records of seemingly simple people and things that God used to do special things.
When God wanted to confront and conquer Pharaoh (a powerful king) He used a stammerer.
When He wanted to divide the Red sea, He used a rugged rod.
When He wanted to save Joshua and Caleb, He used a harlot.
When He wanted to bring down Goliath, He used a small boy with stone and sling.
When He wanted to send a Savior, He used a carpenter’s wife.

When he wanted to destroy Herod, He used worms.
When He wanted to spread the gospel, He used unlearned and unlettered men…
You are not too worthless for God to use. His strength is made perfect in your weakness. He uses our weaknesses to prove to the world that He is mighty.
God is a specialist in turning wreckages into radiant packages.
Don’t write off yourself based on your weaknesses, look out for the little light in every dark spots.

– Adeleke Adeite

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I Quit

I know, this will make some people feel sad
while some will undoubtedly feel glad.
Deep within me, I feel weak and unfit,
I think it’s time for me to finally quit…
I quit allowing someone’s honest opinion
to stop me from being my own champion.
I quit being a prisoner of my painful past
and submerging myself in stormy blasts.
I quit allowing some morally bankrupt
men to make me clueless and corrupt.
I quit allowing my bent and broken bones
to stop me from reaching my golden throne.
I quit allowing past trials and torment
to prevent me from relishing each moment…
I quit turning my heart to a trash bin
for stinking thoughts, sadness and sin.
I quit wallowing in those toxic attitudes
that have kept me from scaling altitudes….
I quit bringing back bitter memories
to erode the beauty of my sweet stories.
I quit flocking with ignorant sages
who make me work for sinful wages.
I quit this crazy craving for cool cash
that turns my inner treasures to trash…

I quit living by norms and standards
that make me crash on credit cards.
I quit feeling sad, sorrowful and sorry
when I should wine and never worry…
I quit using my talent to build mansions
for folks who detest my voice and visions.
I quit swimming is the same stream
with those who are not in my team.
I quit allowing online likes and comment
to define how I maximize each moment.
I am tired of getting tired and fired
before getting a shot at being hired.
I know this looks like a couple of quotes
but accept it as my simple suicide note.
My old, fearful and feeble self just died,
I am a new being, ready to tame the tide.

Copyright 2018 Adeleke Adeite

The Faith Factor

God is not moved by our fears,
yet He is touched by our tears.
When situations becomes strange,
His mercies and love never change.
When we see as stumbling stones,
He turns them to stepping stones.
When we go through our toughest test,
He is preparing us for His bliss and best.
When it seems the storms will stop us,
He uses them to strengthen and stir us.
He uses the roots of regrets and ridicule
as a means to make matchless miracles.
The waters and whirlwind surely feels
God’s unchanging hands hold the wheels.
Even the smallest of sparrows know
that God’s holy hands hold tomorrow.
The dark nights of suffering and sorrow
are often the bridge to a bright tomorrow.
God is not blind to our toughest tears;
He knows our fondest flaws and fears.
The valleys are filled with grave ills,
lift your heart and eyes to the holy hills…
Great healing and help are on the way,
wipe away your tears, watch and pray.
With faith, dead bones will live again…
See the greater good in this present pain.

-Adeleke Adeite

2 Corinthians 4:17-18 (NKJV)
For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.

Also read Mathew 17: 20 Matthew 6: 26

Excitement Versus Commitment

We often get highly excited when we start a relationship, a career or a business. However, to survive and succeed in any endeavour in life, we need to move from being excited to being committed.

Excitement is like a fire, commitment is the fuel that keeps it burning. The journey to greatness is like a puzzle game, it sometimes start on a easy level but as a player progresses, the game gets more complicated.

When things get complicated, excitement will fizzle out. in fact, a compassionate man without commitment will commit common crime. It might take excitement to start a good thing but it takes commitment to make it great.

It is commitment that makes it possible to confront complicated situations without complaining.
A lot of champions lose focus when they keep getting loud ovation.
Commitment prevents us from getting cocooned in our comfort zone especially when we keep getting great compliments on our current accomplishments.
A lot of times, we face adversity in our bid to advance in our journey, and life gives us juicy opportunities to feel safe at a lower level.
Not every good opportunity is the right opportunity. Not every good door is the right door. Sometimes, adversity is the best opportunity for advancement.

Have you wondered why seeds have to be buried for them to grow, flourish and bring forth many fruits? Buried under the ground, seeds break the ground and burst forth into a bloom.

It takes commitment for a gardener to keep watering the ground when the seeds are yet to sprout.
I think that the greatest enemy of commitment is confusing.
Confusion is arguably the greatest disease of this generation. Most young folks do not know where they are coming from, their present location or their final destination.

A lot of young folks keep increasing their acceleration in the wrong direction, but the saddest part of this dangerous drive is the fact that they have musicians and movie stars who give them motivation to keep them in the wrong direction.

Life is a journey, there is a time to cleave and a time to leave, I between is the opportunity to cruise. Cruise with compassion and commitment. We will all leave this world but what will count are the lives we have touched and cared for.

Make sure every breath you take and every move you make are geared towards making positive difference. Thank you,
-Adeleke Adeite