Thoughtful and Thankful

Appreciation is not merely an alluring attitude, it’s an application for more allocation.

Hurray! It’s the season for gratitude, giving, and gathering with a lot of turkeys to grab and grub. It may feel like there is nothing much to be grateful for because of the man twists and turns of 2020.  Your Thanksgiving celebration plans might be a bit different because of Covid, you don’t need a masterplan to make a masterpiece...

Whether you’ll be celebrating with your family or maybe you’ll be spending the holiday all by yourself.
Don’t let the lockdown make your frown, do all you can to reflect, relax and rejoice. It’s Thanksgiving! 

Amid the strange storms I have face this year, what is there to be thankful for?

I am thankful for many things: I published my first book this year, I had my biggest financial breakthrough ever, though I was betrayed by a friend and I lost everything. Rock bottom becamee a place of discovery and recovery for me. I now spend more time to read and engage in personal development programs. I am still believing God for rest, restoration and compensation, but I am thankful for His love, light and all the blessings of life.

I am particularly thankful for new friends and family on WordPress. You all sprinkle loads of sweetness with your warm words. I decided to share my Thanksgiving poem with y’all since I can’t share some grilled turkey with you due to social distancing (winks).

Thank You Lord

For the beauty that eyes cannot see,
For the blessings of glow and glee
For life’s bliss so fill and free
Thank You, dear God.

For yearly doses of hope and delight,
For daily loads of love and light,
For tranquil desires at twilight,
Thank You, dear God.

For the strength to run life’s race,
For smiles garnished with grace
For warmth in every embrace.
Thank You, dear God.

For lifted spirits during the lockdown,
for converting every cross to crown,
For raising us when we fall,
Thank You, dear God.

For sunlight and refreshing raindrops
For sweetness wrapped in teardrops,
For the harvest of cash and crops,
Thank You, dear God.

For good health in Covid-19 pandemic,
For meals that heal and life’s tonic,
For saving us from pain and panic,
Thank You, dear God.

© Adeleke Adeite

Happy Thanksgiving friends.

What are you thankful for?

Values and Vices – A Poem

One of the most expensive
veils in the world is ignorance.

One of the most destructive
vices in the world is arrogance.

One of the most powerful
values in the world is tolerance.

One of the most beautiful
virtues in the world is repentance.
© Adeleke Adeite

I started my poetry-picture tagged #4Pics1Poem a few weeks ago, and I am glad that it’s becoming a source of in inspiration and motivatiom to a lot of people. Let me know what you think about these.

You can also watch the video of this poem here on my youtube channel. Thank you.

A Man’s Mandate – A Poem

The future is female,
I wish we can all get there.
Some say “All men are scum”,
forgetting how we all got here.

Every man did feel
the warmth of an unseen womb,
the salinity of teardrops
and the terror of an unknown tomb.

Every man should feel
the substance of scarcity
and the pains of a pauper
in search of economic security.

Every man would feel
the eagerness to be a hero
in another man’s story
at the risk of dying in ground zero.

Every man could feel
the cold hands of duty
pulling him to insure and invest
in folks with whom he has no affinity.

If a man could choose
to heal the world and hurt his soul,
without batting an eyelid
this would be his greatest goal.

Not a scum, he is a son,
a seed nursed in alluring arms.
He is a father, uncle and brother
created to be charged by charms.
© Adeleke Adeite

Happy International Men’s day to all the good, great and graceful men out there.

I hope this poem inspires you to say something nice about the men in your life…

A Slice of Paradise – Poem

Your heart is a slice of paradise,
of course, I see stars in your eyes.
Your soul is a garden of grace,
it’s obvious in your warm embrace.
You’re a blend of bloom and bliss
a flawless flower I’ll forever kiss.
Help me unravel this contradiction,
stop inhabiting my imagination.

© Adeleke Adeite

Every lady with a beautiful heart is a slice of paradise. Share with all the slices of paradise you know…❤❤❤💕💕

Photo credit: Canva

A Better Time

“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.”
Harvey Mackay

If you are asked to write the summary of your experiences do far in year 2020, what will you write? Hmm, I do not mean to put you on the spot, but you, my friend needs to relax and reflect. With just a few weeks for the year to end, I think it’s a good time to have deep reflections on our expectations and experiences so far.

My poetic summary of 2020

A year that charged me
to have authentic audacity.
A journey that challenged me
to maximise grace and creativity.
A season that charmed me
to see the advantage of adversity.
An adventure that changed me
to express a deep sense of humanity.

However, no matter how strange or stormy the journey of 2020 has been, it holds a lot of promise for those who know how to maximise the moment with focus and faith. I strongly believe that it’s a better time.

It’s a better time to smile,
let love and light tag along
It’s a better time to sing,
let the world hear your song.
It’s a better time to soar,
the top is where you belong.
It’s a better time to sail,
let the wind make you strong.

© Adeleke Adeite

A Better Time

Share an overview of your year far in the comment section. I look forward to reading great notes from you all.

Authentic Audacity

Everyone is wired to win,
but pain is a part of the package
Everyone is beautiful within,
and every mess passes a message.

2020 has been a year of countless shades of grey and grace for a lot of people around the world. Some folks believe that it’s a year of strange storms that had turned warriors to worms.

My friends, whatever the atmosphere around you looks like, I believe that you will certainly set your emotions in motion to cause a positive shift if you ignite the forces of faith within you. 

The forces of fear will tell you loud lies but it’s up to you to either retreat or reply with timeless truths. Whenever the storms of life and the shadows of death show up to shut you down, be audacious!

Don’t stay silent,
speak to the wind and the waves,
tell them that you are unsinkable.
Speak to fear and failure,
tell them that you are unbeatable.
Speak to sorrow and stress,
tell them that you are unbreakable.
Speak to losses and limitations,
tell them that you are unstoppable.

If you get weak or weary, feel free to rest, reset, re-strategize, relaunch and reach for greatness, but don’t be tempted to quit the quest. You are made to manifest, you are created to conquest.

I am glad to inform you that you are a carrier of authentic audacity, and this kind of audacity often gets amplified by adversity.

Life is scripted to be a potpourri of pains and pleasure. There will be highs and lows, whispers and roars, many many shades of shadow. However, you are a key player in this theatre called life. Your heart is the centre stage and the world is your audience. Everything on earth can hear and heed your commands.

Speak to your storm, and sail steadily. You will win.

Make it a habit to speak victory all the time. I recommend that you get a copy of Whispers of Winners, a compilation of positive affirmations that attract all-around victory.

Click here to get a copy of Whispers of Winners

© Adeleke Adeite

Four Pics One Poem ( Dreams)

Yaaaay! I’m excited to kickstart my new poetry series, 4 pics 1poem. It promises to be a perfect blend of pun and positivity.
The goal is to fill four squares with pictures and words to spice up the soul of every reader.
Join me on this cruise of audacity and authenticity.

Don’t stand with someone
who doesn’t see
the possibility of your dreams.
Don’t sit with someone
who doesn’t see
the necessity of your dreams.
Don’t stay with someone
who doesn’t see
the validity of your dreams.
Don’t sleep with someone
who doesn’t see
the beauty of your dreams.

© Adeleke Adeite

If you’re asked to add a line to this, what would it be? Let’s play, write a line 

Spoken Desire – A Poem

In my quest to love and live,
Lord, lead me all the way.
In my quest to give and forgive,
for these dear Lord, I pray:

Give me the kind of affection
that no pain can conceal.
Rid me of the kind of rejection
that love can not heal.

Give me the kind of tolerance
that offence can repeal.
Take away the kind of substance
that love cannot seal.

Give me the kind of perception
that makes love more real.
Discard the kind of deception
that makes trust a big deal.

Give me the kind of memory
that no storm can steal.
Take away the kind of injury
that love can not heal.

Give me the kind of delight
that distance cannot steal.
Take away the kind of light
that clouds cannot conceal.

In my quest to love out loud,
Lord, hear my unspoken desire.
Clear away the cloaking cloud
and spark within me a fire.

© Adeleke Adeite

Share your favourite spoken desire line in the comment section. ❤❤❤

Her Royal Sweetness – A Poem

You are a girl on fire,
a spark that melts mountains.
I feel the glow of your desire
surging like fragrant fountains.

Stronger than strife,
Your spirit never stops praying.
Fairly larger than life,
you articulate the art of slaying.

A daring damsel,
exploring life with pure passion.
An alluring angel,
arraying hearts with compassion.

An unstoppable woman,
You take territories with audacity.
An unshakable human,
You spread grace with authenticity.

You are made for more,
ever dexterous, dutiful and daring.
You are never a bore;
ever classy, captivating and caring.

You’re a priceless work of art,
not the match of mere merchandise.
Bliss is brewed in your heart,
you turn every home to paradise.

All hail her royal freshness,
A treasure no merchant can sell.
All hail her royal sweetness,
A tale no tongue can solely tell.
© 2020 Adeleke Adeite

Feel free to share this with all the beautiful, impactful, powerful, blissful and wonderful women in your life. Share the verse that resonates the kind of woman you are or the kind of women you know in the comment section.

Image source: Canva

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