I Can’t Breathe

I am tired of trying to be cool
I am tired of crying like a fool
I am not born to be silent
I am not born to be violent
But the fact that I’m dying
Is what I can’t keep denying.

I can’t die for nothing
So I will live for something
I am not a thug, let me be!
I am not a slave, set me free.
If I am treated like a predator
Expect me to act like a dictator…

Let me choose my reaction
If I can’t change your action.
I can’t quench fire with fire,
Can you stop starting the fire?
If my skin colour scares you
Your shadow is ashamed of you.

There is a place for every race,
Give black race some breathing space.
Racism is certainly not patriotism,
Add justice to your jingoism.
All lives matter when justice is served,
No race deserves to be severed.

Justice for George Floyd

I Will Run Again

Yesterday, I was having conversation on phone with a lady friend. Our discussion got deep and I shared few experiences I had when I lost my faith in God, how my life lost every sense of direction, decency and decorum.

I was not falling into temptation, I was looking for temptations to fall into me. I was literally swimming in the sea of sin. Alas, grace and mercy found me on the 6th of May, 2018! I found my feet back in the fold. My journey to greater glory in God began when I ran back to the Him.

This poem was inspired by God to reach out to those who are far from home and those straying and stumbling.

Far away from home
I have gone again.
In search of greener pastures
I plunged into pain.

From pillar to post
I ventured in vain…
Stinking and struggling
to get rid of disdain.

No one is close to me,
I can’t cry or complain.
My vote does not even count
I fall for every campaign.

I wish I can be high for life
as I drain this champagne.
But I’m done hiding,
I need some sunshine and rain.

I will run to my father
again and again…
To the old rugged cross
I will cling again and again.
© Adeleke Adeite 2020

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Quests and Questions

Today, I woke up basking in the reality of love and the rarity of true love, and then my pen began to probe into the depth of love of life. I hope someone has answers to few or all of these questions.

What’s the use of love
if it does not offer forgiveness?
What’s the use of love
if it does not contain kindness?

What’s the use of life
if it does not pursue goodness?
What’s the use of life
if it does not promote gladness?

What’s the use of mercy
if it does not weaken wickedness?
What’s the use of mercy
if it does not reward righteousness?.

What’s the use of bonding
if it does not convey loveliness?
What’s the use of bonding
if it does not lessen loneliness?

What’s the use of beauty
if it does not symbolize soundness?
What’s the use of beauty
if it does not embody healthiness?

What’s the use of light
if it cannot bestow brightness?
What’s s the use of a light
if it cannot dispel darkness?

What’s the use of salt
if it cannot suppy sweetness?
What’s the use of salt
if it cannot banish bitterness?
© Adeleke Adeite 2020

My Value My Impact

The value of my heart
is the love it brews and bestows.
The impact of my art
is the light it shines and shows.

The value of my voice
is the hope and faith it imparts.
The impact of my choice
is the peace and joy it attracts.

The value of my faith-walk
is the height of obedience I exhibit.
The impact of my love-walk
is how much I sacrifice and submit.

The value of my vision
is how much of difference it instills.
The impact of my mission
is the grandest of purpose it fulfills.

The value of my presence
is the beauty and bliss it brings.
The value of my existence
is the love and light it springs.
© Adeleke Adeite 2020

My Value My Impact

What’s the value of your heart?

Hardship to Harvest

I know the road has been rough
and your trials have been tough.
Wipe all tears from your eyes
and look beyond the grey skies.

For every pain you’ve endured,
For every debt you’ve incurred,
Help is on the way for your soul,
Don’t ever give up on your goal.

With all that has gone wrong,
I know it’s hard to stay strong,
You are too blessed to be bitter
You are too great to be a quitter.

Hear the sound of refreshing raindrops,
See your store filled with profitable crops.
Hardship is giving way to great harvest,
Contest is giving way to a season of rest.

Look up, your heavens are open,
Great things are getting ready to happen,
There is a shift in the atmosphere,
Your season of sweetness is here.
© Adeleke Adeite 2020

Broke and Broken

Hypocrisy everywhere
Loss and lies in the atmosphere.
Love is done, dusted and dead,
There is less to what is said…

I see them everywhere
Friends who are never there.
Basking in a bleak bond
Like dead fishes in a clean pond.

I see them right here
Swift souls heading nowhere.
Luring losers with luminous lips,
Haunting hearts with hideous hips.

I see them right there,
Wheels of woes they steer
Turning heads like true lovers
But they are agents, under-cover.

© Adeleke Adeite 2020

Lyrical Hugs

I owe myself hope and happiness
But when I need more you give joy.
I owe myself peace and sweetness
But trueness makes me a honey-boy.

Love so limitless is what you give,
Priceless passion you freely display.
In your beautiful heart let me live,
Your inner bliss keeps fears at bay.

How can I ever stop falling when lyrical hugs make my heart melt?
I hear the depth of grace calling
This is the deepest bliss I have ever felt.

Thank you, Lord, for being there,
I wish I can repay this rare kindness.
Your affection shifts my atmosphere,
With a ray of beauty and brightness.

Adeleke Adeite