About Adeleke


Adeleke is a content creator, poet and educator, inspiring people to harness their divine identities and God-given abilities, ultimately igniting in them the passion to make a difference.
His book Whispers of Winners has been a huge source of inspiration to many across the globe.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics Education from the University of Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria, and a Master’s degree in Measurement and Evaluation from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

He has published hundreds of poems and has over four International Poetry Awards to his credit from PoetrySoup International. He is the author of Whispers of Winners, a compilation of positive affirmations.

He strongly believes that he is a product of God’s mercies and that there is a garden of greatness in everyone which must be watered with positive words and purposeful lifestyles.

He is passionate about building a positive mindset in everyone around him.

Meet Adeleke

Welcome Home

People are places, and Adeleke is a precious place, a home for impactful souls.
He is a sanctuary where joy is bred and a palace where peace is brewed.
Welcome to this sacred space, this holy ground — a garden that births the kind of warmth you’ve never felt. A world that reveals the kind of wonders you’ve never seen.

Welcome to this exquisite edifice, this stream of eternal substance, and a meadow of holy fragrance.
Welcome to a gift that gifts grace, an atmosphere that makes room for lavish love and light.

Welcome to this heaven on earth. Welcome to Adeleke, I’m your home.

  • Adeleke Adeite


I’ve been called an asset to depict my passion for the use of technology to create content, meet needs and provide solutions to challenging issues.

I’m a creative soul in search of new platforms to inspire and influence others. I love leaving people better than I met them, I love writing poetry and songs, and have I said I love making graphic designs and editing videos?

I believe in using my heart, hands, head, and my inner being to make a positive difference. I believe that every disadvantage is a divine advantage, so I harness them instead of complaining about them! I harness technology as a tool, not only to engineer positive change but to also explore the world of creativity. I have learned robotics, app development, and coding at the basic level.

In addition to writing and speaking, I have the privilege of serving with the Pistis Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). PEF is the social intervention arm of The Elevation Church. I also volunteered with the publications unit of the church.
My writings are filled with empowering, encouraging, and enriching words. I love to see people gain the strength and speed required to take territories.

You may not get to meet me at the restaurant, except I am on a date. I try to be a king in the kitchen too. I love homemade meals.

I currently live in Lagos Nigeria, I’m single and steadfastly striving to serve God and humanity with every breath I am able.
Want to know more? You should read my book.