Who is Right and Who is Right

No one is absolutely right or wrong. Our opinions are fundamentally the figments of our imaginations. In the few years I have spent in my current job, I have come to realise that one man’s hero is another man’s zero. The reason why some people will be willing to die for you is the same reason some people will be willing to kill you.

However, it is very important to embrace, appreciate and understand the dynamics of human perspectives. In recent times, I have discovered that there is significant strength in appreciating the fact that no one is absolutely right or wrong; our perspectives will always be different. No one can experience sustainable success either in career, business or relationships without learning to shift perspectives.

Suffice to say here that those who do not love to learn will live to lose. If you think you know more than me, I will be glad to learn from you. Moreover, as much as I have learnt to learn, I have also learnt to leave when knowledge is not being exchanged. I do not argue to win, I engage in decent discourse to learn. The moment I start hearing the echoes of ego and errors, I back out.

Shifting perspectives does not include lowering standards, it means accommodating other people’s views even if they seem lower to yours. I have learnt from a lot of young folks, in fact my closest is 12 years younger than me yet I learn a lot from her on daily basis. Don’t expect people to appreciate the things you appreciate. it is important to know that we are all different and unique and that we can always find a melting pot in this university of diversity called life.

See you at the top. -Adeleke Adeite

Hanging with Hays

Empty eyes,
tired of teardrops…
They croon of ages long gone
when chaotic deeds were done…
Empty skies…
deprived of dewdrops…
they cry of seasons unknown
when chaotic seeds were sown.
Empty arms,
waiting for warm embrace,
pressed against drenched pillows
they beat against besetting billows.
Empty charm,
once garnished with grace,
She lost her bliss and royal ray…
hanging with hays keep beauty at bay.