Love Lost The Wheel

For the wounds time cannot heal
and the scars cloths won’t conceal,
All my tears seem so unreal
I am left to die or deal…

But this cruel case I’ll appeal
Only if I’ll get repeal
But will love stand to squeal
that it drove and lost the wheel?

Copyright Adeleke Adeite 2019

(Mysteries of My Mind)

Writing Saved Me

Writing saved me from
being totally lost and lonely,
seeking for the true one and only.

Writing saved me from
feeling left and lonesome
and living a life that’s unwholesome.

Writing saved me from
being hurt and heartbroken,
trying to find words left unspoken.

Writing saved me from
replaying my painful past
reaching for flowers that’ll fade fast.

Writing saved me from
sinking in the sea of sorrow
and fighting the shadows of tomorrow.

Writing saved me from
telling tales of bitter tears
and losing the war against my fears.
Copyright Adeleke Adeite 2019Let’s discuss…

What has writing or reading saved you from?

The Image of My Nation?

To western seige we’re a stooge
Dancing like drunkards in deluge
We sow our seeds in centrifuge.
What race gladly ruins her refuge?

Free souls strolling behind bars
Brave recruits scared of scars
Fragrant flowers staring at the stars.
Is this who we really are?

Running after the beauty behind us
We forget the bliss before us
Only to find fantasy within us.
Will this forever be our focus?

Dignity drowns in our political pool Sincerity is scam in new school
Wisdom is sourced from cesspool.
Is criminality the new cool?

Is this just my imagination
or the image of my nation?

Copyright Adeleke Adeite 2019Image source: