Before You Criticise

Before you criticise,
remove the log in your own eyes.
My best decisions may seem unwise
but yours may be dross in disguise.

Before you raise alarm amiss,
Rid your good points of paralysis
Because I won’t let your lame analysis
Make me plunder my inner bliss…

Before your words encroach…
Why not try a different approach
Instead or being a source of reproach
Just learn to be a silent coach…

If you have high mental strength,
Think twice and take a deep breath,
You too can be the salt of the earth…
Bring healing and not emotional death.

© Adeleke Adeite 2019

Not The Same Old Story

You may not know that He loves you
but I know all what He did for you.
He left His angel armies in paradise
To singlehandedly save the unwise…

He was born a king in a mere manger
Yet not dethroned even in danger
He dared to display the miraculous
Even when He faced the ridiculous…

Mere men stepped on His holy toes
His close friends became His foes…
A blessed man cursed on the cross
He lifted our loads of lies and loss…

He was wounded for our misdeeds.
He was starved to supply your needs
The savior of men became a slave
To kill guilt and conquer the grave…

He survived life’s flames and flood
victory was won through His blood.
He broke our shackles and set us free
The dead now live, the blind now see.

He bled and died to take our shame,
Hence, all knees will bow in His name.
And when He said that it is finished,
our endless victory was established.

His sacrifice is not the same old story
He paid the price to give us new glory
Now you see how much He loves you
With love so tender, timeless and true
© Adeleke Adeite 2019

Happy Birthday Queen

Wonderful words are not enough to describe you
a terrific and tenderhearted lady so true…
You are always willing to lend a helping hand
to lift the poor and needy out of sinking sands.

Blessed with beauty, brain and boundless grace
You put sweet smiles on everyone’s face.
Everyday is your day my sister and friend
but today I have some special wishes to send.

May your days be blessed with bliss and brightness
and your years be nurtured with niceness…
May your garden be garnished with greatness
and your gates be decorated with goodness.

Your future will unfold with fragrant freshness
Your heart will be a wellspring of wholeness.
God will continue to be your guard and guide,
He will always be there to help and to provide.

God will give you vibrant voice and great visions
and always support you with divine provision.
You will continue to be a ray of royalty to behold…
Happy birthday Esther, a queen with a heart of gold.
© Adeleke Adeite

The Smallest of Sparrows Knows

God is touched by our tears
yet not moved by our fears.
When situations becomes strange,
His mercies and love never change.

When life gives us stumbling stones,
God turns them to stepping stones.
When we go through our toughest test
He uses pains to prepare us for His best.

The storms of life may strive to stop us,
God arms of love will always strengthen us.
He uses the roots of reproach and ridicule
as the foundation of matchless miracles.

The waters and whirlwind surely feels
that God’s strong hands hold the wheels.
Even the smallest of sparrows know
God’s mighty hands hold tomorrow.

The dark nights of suffering and sorrow
are often the bridge to a bright tomorrow.
God is not blind to our toughest tears;
He seas the flames of our flaws and fears.

When the valleys are filled with grave ills,
lift your heart and eyes to the holy hills…
Great healing and help are on the way,
wipe your tears away, watch and pray.

With faith, dead bones will live again…
See the greater good in this present pain.
God is not a man that He should lie,
His promises for you will never die.
© Adeleke Adeite 2019

2 Corinthians 4:17-18 (NKJV)
For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.