More Powerful Than Pandemic ( Covid19)

My hands are open wide for you, hand over your anxieties,
Tears and trouble are not your perpectual realities.
For your sake, I was crushed and crucified on the cross,
I died to take away your load of limitations and loss.

I am more powerful than pains and pandemic,
I am here to see you through, do not panic.
I am your shield, your shepherd and your shelter.
I am your resting place, stop running helter-skelter

I know you have fears about the present and the future
Relax, I will make you lie down in green pasture…
Your future is my past; it has been sorted out already,
I have set a table before you, your future feast is ready.

Don’t sit still, make a move, keep trying;
Feed your faith, starve your fears, stop crying.
Worries cannot change your present status,
There are blessings all around you, change your focus.

I woke you up today because I have plans for you,
I am the God who makes all things brand new.
Cast your cares upon me, I am your lover,
Stay under my care, I am your cover.

Copyright Adeleke Adeite 2020

What is your greatest fear about Covid-19?