When Men Say it is Over

Does God still answer prayers? Is God still up there? Does God really care about my problems? Why me? What have I done wrong?
Tough times make some of us doubt the existence and presence of God in our lives.
Depression is rampant in recent times because the devil has devised a strategy to make men think that their troubles are too terrible for God to tackle.
Our life is like a complete book, it already has an end, some chapters may seem scary and sorrowful, that does not change the content of the next chapter. A lot of folks keep on reading the scary chapter, forgetting that there is a next chapter which might be sweet and satisfying. Life is in phases, storms don’t last for long.
Even if we think that God is not answering our prayers, what about the things we did not pray for that He gives us on daily basis. Having a positive attitude towards challenges helps us to make the right choice and also experience positive change.
This is one thing that keeps me going during dark hours, I belief that every tough trial, trouble and tribulation that I face is preparing me for a triumphant life. Conquerors are products of contests, champions are products of competitions, gains are products of pains. Life is beautiful. We need to ask the sun what it takes to shine, we need to ask radiant roses what it takes to bloom, some beautiful things go through ugly experiences.
Life is never going to be fair but God will forever be faithful. Stay strong and steadfast in faith.
God bless you dear friends.
-Adeleke Adeite

Past Obstacles and Present Opportunities

Old friends becomes new enemies,
past obstacles turn new opportunities.
in all these, I embrace life, light and love,
my heart clings to hills of help up above…

Through the lies and losses of life,
in the steams of storms and strife…
Sometimes in fear, I fumble and fall;
in God’s arms I stand strong and tall.

I have been through the valley of death;
and on mighty mountains I lost my breath…
In pains and pleasure, God has been faithful;
and in the heart of my heart, I am grateful.

In years past I have met and missed friends;
some gave it all while some had nothing to lend.
but to those who made my skies bright and blue ,
Thank you for being timely and true.

I am not where I used to or wished to be
to some folks I may be like a starved tree…
before men, I may not be on motion…
but God is expanding my roots to reach nations.

O I have seen the darkest of nights
when silent stars hugged a mute moonlight
I have common flaws and fears
At times, I shed midnight tears…

My heart bleeds for the helpless
My soul screams, I feel cheerless…
The Calendar counts as time ticks
When will these silent stars speak?

-Adeleke Adeite

My Teacher My Timeless Treasure

You propel me to pursue my purpose in life with pure passion. I learn from you, look up to you, listen to you, laugh with you, long to see you and love to be with you.
Today I celebrate you for being disciplined, devoted, determined, daring and dexterous.
You deserve recognition, appreciation and endless shower of affection for all the sacrifices that you make and all the prices you pay to impact our lives. You are more than a teacher to me, you are a timeless treasure.
Dear teacher, you taught me how to exceed expectations in what I do without making excuses. I would not be who I am and where I am today if it were not for your love, light and leadership .
Getting up every day is a joy, knowing that I will be spending the day with the best, brainest and brightest teacher in the world .
Thank you for teaching us with your heart, head and hands.
I cherish you dear teacher , you have touched my life in ways words cannot describe . I am so fortunate to learn from you.
Thank you for being my mentor, moulder and my model.
For all your words, wisdom and wishes, you are the by far the best and I am indeed grateful.
You took my hand, and did make me understand, you ignited my imagination, and gave me inspiration, you gave me wisdom and shew we the road to freedom. Thank you my teacher !
I cherish you as a changeless charm. Thank you for adding sweetness and substance to my knowledge base.
One of the joys of going to school is the opportunity to learn from the loveliest leader on earth, my terrific teacher.
You do not give you the right answer, you ignite within us the desire to find answers by ourselves whether they are right or wrong.
Every child’ s future becomes better and brighter because of you.
A thoughtful thank you to all the teachers who use their time , talent and treasure to care, to correct and to connect us to a world wonders.
Thank you for giving us the tools and techniques to read, recite, revise, research and also reach for greatness.
God made teachers for us to become our best, forgo our fears and metamorphose into masterpieces . They are simply irreplaceable, indispensable and indefatigable.
To the world you may be just a teacher but to me you are simply a world of wisdom, wealth and wonders.
You taught me to learn, not only to earn good grades but to earn a living and make a difference in life. Thank you for making education fun and fulfilling.
The classroom becomes a second home for us because you were a passionate parent who loves at all times.
You are a hero in my heart, a legend in my life and a model in my mind.
Thank you for showing me compassion, giving me cognition and igniting my imagination. I love you always Sirs and Madams.
This is dedicated to my mother, Mrs Olusola Adeite and to my best teachers: Mr Akinwunmi, Mr Igbinosa, Mrs Jones, Mrs Ojoye, Mr and Mrs Olawuyi, Dr Awe, Professor Ubanga and others who impacted my life positively. I love you all always.
-Adeleke Adeite

Aspire to Inspire

There is a drop of greatness in everyone, no one is created empty, useless or worthless. God deposited the seed of success in everyone but only few people nuture the seed to grow into a florishing field and garden of greatness.

There is a time to arrive and a time to depart, in between is the opportunity to stay. Every opportunity comes with responsibility and such must be carried out with diligence to enjoy the full benefit of the opportunity.

Success is a choice; if you are willing to succeed, no one can stop you and if you are willing to fail, no one can force you not to fail.
To succeed in any given field, attempt the following.

#Desire something great for yourself and those around you.
#Enquire from successful men and women; read books and relate with great people.
#Acquire new skills, materials and innovative information that can help you fulfil your dreams. Attend seminars and workshops.
#Require great things from yourself and others; set targets and find friends who can help you achieve your set target.
#Perspire and work smart. Make plans and work out your plans without procastinating.
#Refire and never retire even in the face obstacles and opposition.
#Inspire others to get better… Investing in others makes you a super success.

Your decision to change your direction is sometimes your passport to your destination. Take time to reflect on your present position and what you must do to get to your desired destination.
Your friend in the school of Success,
Adeite Adeleke

Open Arms and Pointed Finger

Some friends and family find it hard to assist you to get your business ideas and career prospect become a reality because they are in a social and financial competition with you.
Strangers find it easy to help you, sometimes because they do not feel any sense of competition.
Our greatest disappointment will not come from strangers but from close associates. Not really because they are bad people, it is in human nature to compete. We fast forget that our destinies and destinations differ.
However, it is important to know that help comes from God and He chooses to use the most unlikely people in the strangest of ways and in unknown places.
It is our expectations that get us disappointed, not the people we depended on for help.
Stop expecting too much from people, everyone has a cross to carry. Pursue your dream with open arm and not with pointed fingers. Stop blaming friends and start welcoming helpful strangers.
You are your own best friend and biggest fan.
Adeleke Adeite.