Friends for a Lifetime

You may be friends for a long time
and not be together for a lifetime.
Some friends linger at lunchtime
just to make merry in the meantime.
Some stick closer in springtime
but grow wings in summertime.
Some choose to cheer at showtime
but drift away like dew in downtime.
Some will whirl away like wind in wartime
but will preen like a patch in peacetime.
Some will only spend their spare time
while some will willingly do overtime.
Some will show up just in time
while some will show up anytime.
Some will love dearly at daytime
Some will follow nearly at nighttime.
Some will be your favorite pastime
Some will be your favorite all the time.

-Adeleke Adeite

My Loss at the Cross

I tamed terrible teardrops within me
and shielded my fondest fears to feel free…
Unable to get life together in tough times,
I consistently committed common crimes.

My spirit was willing but my flesh was weak.
Now, I fight my flaws as I pant for the peak.
In adversity, I look for added advantage.
Comfort is no more a blissful bondage.

At the Cross, I lost my luggage of lies
and the teardrops that taunted my eyes.
My fears flared and bliss was begotten,
His grace made all my flaws forgotten.

For all the woeful words I leave unspoken,
for all the laws of the Lord I leave unbroken;
there is laid up for me a colourful crown
after the crushing cross of life I lay down.

– Adeleke Adeite