November 2022 Winners Booster

Dear friend, how has 2022 been for you? Are you excited about the blessings you have received or you are still in the ‘God-when’ gang? How are you using your words to shape your world and shift the atmosphere around you so that you can attract the blessings God has prepared for you?

In a world full of possibilities and uncertainties, your response to the realities of life must be based on divine revelation of who God is, who you are and what God is doing. Hence, the need for you to constantly make proclamations of faith.

Words are powerful tools for creation and transformation. Every word has a life of its own and is capable of producing remarkable results when used rightly. Biblical declarations have greater potency because they are rooted in God’s unchanging word.

Are you trying to be more intentional with your confessions and thoughts? Are you always looking for powerful declarations that can completely transform your life so you can live your best life? Then, Winners Booster Devotional is your go-to book.

It contains daily scripture-based declarations with specific bible verses and short exhortations for each day.
This power-packed devotional will equip you to live victoriously and abundantly and also empower you to overcome every force of fear, failure and frustration.

Download here

It’s time for you to be more intentional, and live your best life to the glory of God.
No matter how this year has been for you, step into November with a victory mindset. It’s time for you to enjoy undeniable victories by declaring the word of faith over systems, structures and situations. Use your words to create the reality you desire.
Get a free copy of the WinnerWinns Boosters devotional here

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Thank you ❤

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