Whispers of Winners

Winning With Words

A compilation of poetic positive affirmations that guarantee winning on all sides.

Our words shape our world; our voice gives wings to our vision. In the beginning God said “let there be light” and there was light. The power of confessing and affirming positive declarations goes beyond just wielding words; it’s about speaking super into the natural to bring forth the supernatural.

In this book, Adeleke goes beyond the norm and dives into the pool of poetry to give rhythm to prophetic declarations. 

Whispers of Winners will help you to discover your truth, declare it, and deploy it to turn things around for good. If you believe that living more authentically requires speaking more prophetically and doing more intentionally, this is the book for you. You can get a copy here

Whispers of Winners is a book that provides affirmations that will help to build your mind, channel your energy towards positivity, propel you to achieve the unimaginable, and help you to set out beyond limitations. I’m thrilled by this book and taken aback by the great work Adeleke has done.

It captures all aspects of life and the phases man encounters, giving you the right words for each season.
This book will help you in your transformation process, renewing your mind, and help drive you towards God’s plan for your life. Possibilities are at our disposal, our confessions activate them.

Damilola Bamgbose ( Founder, Armourbearer Networks)

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