Before I Die

What a year to be alive! The whole world was caught unguarded – pain, panic, pandemic, profit, promises and prospects plunged into our planet in shades of grey.

2020 could be simply tagged ‘A Million Shades of Choices and Challenges’. For some, it’s their best year ever while for others, it’s a rollercoaster year.

Everyone in this class of 2020 has a tale or two to tell. Death and life have been in a fierce conflict. In case you have been through a lot of tough stuff this year and you feel like all is gone, I have found myself in the valley of the shadow of death too many times this year but here is what I told myself…

Before I die,
I will lend a hand, I will give.
I will mend bridges, I will forgive.
I will bask in bliss, I will live.

Before I die,
I will flaunt my faith, I will believe,
I will deploy my dreams, I will conceive.
I will storm the stage, I will achieve…

Before I die,
I will love out loud, I will connect.
I will rewrite stories, I will correct.
I will make a difference, I will affect…

Before I die,
I will storm the sky, I will ascend.
I will learn from losses, I will amend.
I will fight with faith, I will contend.

Before I die,
I will dare again, I will insist…
I will gaze again, I will untwist…
I will dream again, I will persist.

Death is not the end of life, it’s a transition to the afterlife. So don’t wish to die to escape the harsh realities of this realm, until you have lived worthy of a better and sweeter afterlife. Suffice to say that don’t just live to be remembered, live to be a reminder that life is beautiful.

Let who you are and what you do be a reflection of the kind of life you want to live after death. Again, death is not the end of life. Live now, live to the fullest, live your best life.

© Adeleke Adeite 2020

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Signature of Success

”Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t waste energy trying to cover up failure. Learn from your failures and go on to the next challenge. It’s ok to fail. If you’re not failing, you’re not growing.”
-H. Stanley Judd

Life is a beautiful garden, the more we live, the more we enjoy peace. Life is a battleground, the more we live the more we encounter pressure. Those who run from failure often ruin their chances of becoming successful.

Van Gogh’s life is nothing but a tale of caution. He became rich and famous after death, but in his lifetime, he was a failure. He burned and destroyed many of his paintings out of frustration and rejection. He was known to only sell one of his masterpieces.

He slowly began to carve a niche for himself while he was alive, but he also had a bunch of critics who gradually crushed his self-esteem. He did not work to overcome his fear of failure and eventually killed himself. Soon after his death, his works began to garner fame and financial success.

Come to think of it, God created man out of dust. It was possible for God to make a masterpiece (man) out of a messy piece (mud) because He was was able to see and make sense out of nonsense.

Dust is almost worthless, lifeless and almost valueless, but God had to create man out of it.

This beautiful and wonderful world was created out of formless and empty earth, as recorded in the book of creation.

Light was created out of the darkness. Beauty was brought out of the bland and bleak.

A lot of times, people who are too afraid to fail get stuck, stagnant, famished and frustrated. They forget that the best way to avoid failure is to do nothing, and that is exacty the surest ways to prevent success – do nothing.

Only foolish men laugh when great men fall, the wise learn from every failure. Failure is not always a sign of incompetence or lack of intelligence, it is mostly a sign that there is room for you to dream more, dare more and do more with your life.

Every sweet success is a product of bitter failure. At birth, a mother’s greatest joy, her child is delivered with pain and pressure, even the new born’s entry into the world is announced by a bitter cry.

No motivational speaker has the recipe for success, every man’s success is a product of his capacity to fraternize his failure and forge success out of the unusual union. Until you start seeing failure as the most important ingredient of success, you might not taste real success.

A seed does not need a ‘motivational speaker’ to break out from a dark and dirty soil, and then become a fresh and flourishing plant. It only needs to be in the right environment with the right nutrient. Your environment plays a pivotal role in the fulfilment of your assignment. Surround yourself with dream catalysts.

When you overcome the fear of failure by dreaming more, daring more, doing more, learning more, loving more and living for more, then you become a signature of success.

© Adeleke Adeite 2020

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Winning Without Worries

When life seems too hard and unfair;
don’t break down in grave despair.
When debts are high and funds are low,
don’t let the flood of fears begin to flow.

Solution comes in God’s ordained time,
don’t engage in any common crime.
Hope and help spring from above,
look unto God always, and live in love.

When you face the shadows of death,
ask God for stillness and strength.
When stormy blasts betide your soul,
do not give up on your golden goal.

Look up to God and never quit,
pray earnestly, try one more hit.
No stormy blast can steal your soul,
Unlock your faith when billows roll.

Sing, smile and soar without worries,
Relax, rise and rewrite bad stories.
You are a winner, don’t quit at all,
You will rise again after every fall…

© Adeleke Adeite 2020

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