If Racists Had Known Better

Of all the things that are vital
to each and every mere mortal,
the most precious thing is breath;
It’s the wall between life and death.
A universal and unifying energy
that gives mortal bodies synergy.
More than a mixture of elements,
it contains nature’s supplements.
Breath respects no race or religion;
it spans across all realms and regions.
Racists would have been more logical
if breath and skin colour are identical.
Breath is what make the difference,
race is irrelevant to our existence…
One scary thing I know about racists
is that they are worse than terrorists.
They get bitter in order to feel better,
Their cold souls need divine sweater.
As long as breath has no colour,
racism will be a sign of dishonour.
Life would not have been this bitter
if some racists had known better.

-Adeleke Adeite

The Journey To a Juicy Life

I love cooking a lot, good food always change my mood. In fact, delicious meals melt my heart. I follow some chefs online and have come to appreciate the fact that all nutritious and sumptuous meals have some unpalatable ingredients. For instance, Onions hurt our eyes temporarily but they are also medicinal- what an irony!

Proper application of different ingredients makes a delicious meal, so is our life. The distance between our dreams and our destination is our determination to keep sailing even when storm strikes. The journey to a juicy life is not a jolly ride.

In fact, the difference between here and there is “T”. For some people T means time – they need to be patient; for some, T means trials, they need to persevere while for others, it may mean temptations which will require them to be prayerful and proactive.
When the road gets rough and times get very tough, excuses are never enough.

No one has ever arrived at a bright future with bags full of past pains, garbage of guilt and baggage of bitterness. Excuses and excellence are like night and day, they don’t meet.

Growth comes with pain but turning pains to gain takes time, trust and tenacity.

There is a time to sow and a time to reap, in between is the time to keep watering, weeding and also wait for the seeds to grow.

Life is a race that requires grace. We were born alone and will die alone but we can’t live alone. We need people and positive emotions to sail through stormy tides.
Take one day at a time, join a trying team, don’t sleep on your dreams, be hopeful and prayerful.

When you get to a dead end or boisterous bend, when situations are hard to comprehend and no one is there to lend a helping hand, when it seems all is over, that’s when God takes over, hand everything over to to Him.

To hand over everything to God, first acknowledge that He is aware of the situation you are in, look back at all the previous victories you have enjoyed and thank Him, then prayerfully surrender your worries, battles and situations to Him.

Finally, seek godly counsel and take actions without delay. Get up, gear up, grow up and never give up.
God bless you my dear friends.
Endure tough times and enjoy your journey till it gets juicy.
-Adeleke Adeite

O Lord I Thank You

For the skies so bright and blue
and the blissful morning dew;
for your timeless love so true…
O Lord I thank you!

For the fresh fruits in my field
and the great waters they wield;
for the countless timely yield…
O Lord I thank you!

For the Sun that reigns at noon
and the sweet sparrows that croon;
for the twilight stars and moon…
O Lord I thank you!

For the glorious gifts you give
and the grave wrongs you forgive;
for this glorious life we live…
O Lord I thank you!

For great grace to run the race
and the warmth of your embrace;
for someday I’ll see your face…
O Lord I thank you!
Copyright 2015 Adeleke Adeite

Too Strong To Be Wrong

Some get high only on women, weed and wine,
we get high on Your word, will and wisdom.
Only fun, fashion and fame make some folks fine
but we flourish in the field of faith and freedom.

We left the pool of worldly pleasures behind
because Your love is too strong to be wrong.
To Satan’s sumptuous baits we became blind
Because Your table is where our souls belong.

When we shut You out, You broke in patiently,
You paved paths and built bridges to rescue us.
When we let You down, You called us lovingly
Your arms stretched out made us forever free.

Your mercies and great grace supplied in excess
Give us assurance of constant divine protection.
We bask in the glory of your love’s recklessness
Since You live in the power of Your resurrection

Your reckless love is a precious work of art,
It spurs our soul to endless peace and joy.
Your excess love fills every thirsty heart
With pure bliss that sin cannot destroy.

-Adeleke Adeite

Magnitude of Gratitude

Feeling grateful and not expressing it is just like winking at a beautiful lady in a dark hall, that subtle display of affection will not attract her attention. Every cheerful giver is spurred to do more by a grateful receiver.

However, our motive for showing gratitude should not be because we want more but because we want to be intentional about our positive attitude towards what we have received.

We sometimes feel stressed and depressed because we take for granted what we should show deep sense of gratitude for.

I would maintain that a thankful man is a thoughtful man and gratitude shows the magnitude of a man’s attitude. It takes a grateful heart to see the big blessing behind a small gift.

One of the greatest gifts of life that we take for granted is our ability to freely breathe. Statistics shows that an adult weighing about 70kg makes 17, 820 breaths in a day and by implication inhale about 8640 litres of air per day.

Have you thanked God for that? It takes gratitude to open our eyes to unseen blessings, treasures that cannot be touched and favours that can only be felt.

We may find ourselves in sour situations where the breath of life seems worthless but have we ever wondered that if God could keep us breathing even in the storm, He is also able to make us survive the storm without scars?

God is kind and merciful but He wants us to show appreciation before we put forward application for more benefits. It is interesting to know that each day has already been loaded with benefits, our prayer will not push

God to produce what we desire, it only help us take delivery of what we have prayed for especially when we praise God for previous blessings.

Gratitude shows the gravity of grace in a man’s attitude but ingratitude shows the intensity of a man’s ignominy. Suffice to say here that appreciation requires appropriate attitude for it to be acceptable.

Gratitude is a golden currency in the kingdom of kindness, it is a legal tender that makes an application for more allocation to get favourable consideration.

A lot of people keep demanding for more benefit when they do not deserve it. James Allen wrote “No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks”.

Ingratitude is worse than armed robbery, nothing is more dishonourable than despising the smallest of gifts from a cheerful giver. A good gift lifts the heart before it leaves the hands of the giver.

Appreciation may not compare to the effort of giving but it will complement kindness. Gratitude is not payment for kindness, it should not be expected but should be expressed.

Inability to show gratitude does not reduce the reward of the giver, it only reduces the right of the receiver to more benefits.

Paulo Coelho wrote “Every blessing ignored becomes a curse”. One of the ways to show gratitude is being a blessing to others, kindness is like a baton in a relay race, you don’t win by keeping it to yourself.
A cheerful giver does not always expect gratitude but a cheerful receiver should always express gratitude. Gratitude is an excellent emotion that compliments the passion in compassion. Grateful hearts get plentiful harvest. The magnitude of our gratitude shows the pure pulchritude of our attitude. Be grateful!

-Adeleke Adeite

I Can’t Deny

There are times my travails get tough
and the road I travel seems too rough,
when words of hope are never enough…
Your grace keeps me going, I can’t deny.

There are times I sleep in great despair
and can’t catch breath of fresh air,
when life and love seem so unfair;
Your love keeps me strong, I can’t deny.

There are times I get too tired of life
and keep sailing against stormy strife,
When I almost opt for a rope or knife…
Your power keeps me safe, I can’t deny.

There are times I sway and do wrong
and it gets hard for me to stay strong.
When I fall from the hill where I belong.
Your mercy is my stay, I can’t deny.

I see Your heart in all Your promises
and Your greatness in a billion galaxies.
When I meditate on millions of mysteries,
Your preeminence is all I see, I can’t deny.

– Adeleke Adeite