It’s About To End

When it’s hard to stay strong
and tough to right a wrong…
When a hand is hard to lend
You know it’s about to end…

Love is priceless and perfect
It requires trust and respect
but when truth begins to bend
You know it’s about to end.

Life thrives on hope and peace
It makes sorrow and stress cease…
When bitterness begins to blend
You know it’s about to end.

Beauty blooms in love’s garden
Bad attitude makes it a burden
So when a mess is hard to mend
You know it’s about to end…

When fear is all that is trending
It brings the sense of an ending…
So when teardrops daily descend
You know it’s about to end.
© Adeleke Adeite 2019

Safe Sex is Beyond Protection

Your rod is not for signs dear single brother
Stop looking for random red seas to divide…
It should be a trophy for your future bride…
Those single sister you should not to bother.

Single sister, the pie between your thighs is priceless
serving it cheaply to mark a romantic moment
may lead to a lifetime of tears and torment
Don’t turn a masterpiece to a market full of mess…

Sister, some rodents seek sweet holes to plunder
Let them not level down your milky mountains
Brother, some pies are pools from filthy fountains
Don’t let them put your heart and soul asunder.

I really believe that sex is divine and sweet
it is capable of making relationships romantic
yet it does not make blissful marriage realistic
Safe sense will reduce stray dogs on the street…

Beyond protection against pregnancy and infection
Safe sex exposes the soul to things that are strange…
Since sex is both a spiritual and emotional exchange…
Free sex may be a weapon of mass distraction.

No sex is really safe outside legal marriage,
honour your body as the temple of God,
Abusing God’s temple attracts His correction
Be a vessel onto honour, not a sexual wreckage.
© Adeleke Adeite 2019

Am I Falling in Love Again?

Butterflies in my belly are cruising
This feeling is cool but confusing
My actions have been amusing
Am I falling in love again?

It seems my heart is up to something
because my brain is saying nothing
This emotion means everything…
Am I falling in love again?

Wondering if you will hear my call
or catch me gently when I fall
Yet not scared of losing it all…
Am I falling in love again?

This feeling is too good to be true
it makes the sky bright and blue
and the only star I see is you…
Am I falling in love again?

All I dream of is this sweet serenity
It gets clearer in close proximity
I crave it more like necessity
Am I falling in love again?

I feel the ambience of her absence
I hear the loudness of her silence
I get pampered by her presence
Am I falling in love again?
© Adeleke Adeite 2019

I Search For You

I search for You
Not because I can’t see You
But because all I need is You.

I search for You
not because You are hard to find
but because You can renew my mind.

I search for You
Not just because You’re a necessity
but because You are my only reality.

I search for You
Not because I feel like a worm
But because You can speak to storm.

I search for You
Not because I need recharge
but because You’re always in charge.

I search for You
Not because I crave survival
But because I need great revival

I search for You
Not because I want deliverance
But because I need divine assurance.

I search for you
Not because You’re far away
But because You are the only way…

I search for You
Not because I need anything
But because You are my everything.

© Adeleke Adeite 2019

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Come Back Home

No matter the terrible things you have done,
Come back home
No matter how far from grace you have gone
Come back home.

There is still a place for you at the cross,
Come back home
Stop living a life of limitations, lies and loss
Come back home.

Your heavenly Father awaits your safe return
Come back home
There are some bridges you need to burn
Come back home.

The gentle savior sees the tears that are failing
Come back home.
He is patiently waiting and earnestly calling
Come back home.

Don’t stay stuck on the streets of sin and sorrow
Come back home.
In Jesus there’s a better and brigther tomorrow
Come back home.

The great healer wants to heal your broken heart
Come back home.
He can make each piece a precious work of art
Come back home.

You have not gotten to point of no return
Come back home.
Don’t choose to permanently break down and burn
Come back home.

Don’t drown in the stream of shallow desire
Come back home
God is willing to set your heart on fire
Come back home.

With worldly friends do not have communion
Come back home
Over sin and Satan you have divine dominion
Come back home.

God is calling out of the fire and the flame
Come back home.
Don’t stay stuck in the shackles of shame
Come back home.

There is hope and help in the kingdom
Come back home
Listen to these whispers of wisdom
Come back home.
© Adeleke Adeite 2019

A Letter To My Future Wife

Dear future wife, most people believe that marriage is an achievement,
But something in me puts fulfillment above achievement
Millennials are making me to think that marriage is out of fashion
because it’s also an achievement to buy a car and own a mansion

Pardon me if I am approaching you wrongly
But if I ever get to meet you and believe in you strongly
Then it’s certain that you are a helper sent from above.
Because I have once given up on this thing called love,

I am a man of many shades, shades of faith, failures and fears,
If your heart can hear me, there are tales behind tears
Life has thrown at me its many stumbling stones,
I have seen battles and betrayals worse than game of thrones.

I threw my past at you so you can appreciate the man I have become
I want to see if will still open your arms and give me a warm welcome
after you have seen my all past and perfect imperfections
or you will just throw me into another emotional detention.

Dear future wife, I don’t know how other men have treated you,
They may have made you look cheap and cheated on you
But this is what I have to offer your Royal Sweetness
A contract and covenant of love that is pure and priceless.

The truth has tamed my tongue, so I can’t live a lie,
If you deal with me with dishonesty, my desire for you will die
I have decided to be HOT, I mean Honest, Open-minded and truthful.
I believe in hopes and dreams but lies make them dreadful.

We are not going to be couples but best of friends
When we hurt each other, let’s quickly make amends
So be ready to have a family full of laughter and fun
Let’s make our home a paradise where we won’t have to roam or run…
© Adeleke Adeite 2019
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Woman You Are Loved

In a world where a woman is seen as a victim
Despite the beauty of her reality and dreams,
What other cruelty can be more than this
When men choose to mess up God’s masterpiece…

Woman, you are versatile, valiant and virtuous,
God made you priceless, pretty and precious
Don’t let anyone make you feel anything less,
So raise your voice in victory to confess.

I am loosed from the shackles and chains
that has kept me under pointless pressure and pains…
I am free from slavery and societal suppression,
Free from the dungeon of diseases and depression
Free from discrimination and negative impressions
Free from curses, confusion and evil confessions.

You need to keep reminding yourself of this,
You are a priceless work of art no one should miss…
Don’t mess up your mind to measure up,
Don’t lose your life and light just to level up…
You are not created to fit in, so stand out.

Life can be complex, you don’t have to figure it all out at once.
I wish I could show you the bright star that you are
but you first need to stop glaring at your scary scar…
You are a bright light, you don’t have to shout to shine,
You are the water that intoxicates, much more than wine…
In your world, we find sweetness and solace
You are a garden of favor, goodness, and grace
Woman, this is who you and nothing less…
Don’t let the world make you feel worthless

But if you think you have lost this special status
Let me introduce you to a man called Jesus,
He has the power to redeem, restore and renew,
All your shattered pieces He can make brand new

Your sicknesses and sins He took on the cross
so you don’t have to live a life of lies and loss.
You are a queen configured to rule and reign
Stop dwelling in the prison of guilt and pain.

Take this route to restoration and redemption
and you will never be caged by guilt and condemnation
Wake up woman, take your place,
You are a special spice in the human race.

© Adeleke Adeite 2019

Last Girl Standing

flyermaker_09032019_1229287500189876102474546.pngWill you be my friend forever
if I tell you it’s now or never?
Will you be my one and only
even when I’m lost and lonely?

Will you still show me affection
after knowing my imperfection?
Will you cleave all night and day
even when it seems strange to stay?

Will you still forgive and forget
even if I might make you regret?
Will you be my source of hope
When I lack the courage to cope?

Will you be the last girl standing
even when life gets too demanding?
Will you be my lady and lover
when I still have so much to cover?

© Adeleke Adeite 2019

Beautiful Wonderful Women

Dear women, beautiful wonderful women,
Everyday is actually your day
but today, let me celebrate you in a special way…
Not only for what you are and who you are to me
but for the things that some men have failed to see…

I celebrate your virtues and versatility
not forgetting your inner strength and stability.
I celebrate your matchless sense of duty
and your countless shades of beauty…
You are men’s priceless partners in progress
and a shelter in seasons of storm and stress…

You incubate upcoming giants in your womb
and nurse them till they become full bloom…
I wonder what resides in the brain…
of those who treat you with disdain.
You are not a cheap commodity
Don’t let any man see you as an opportunity…

Celebrate your sensitivity and your feminity,
and don’t settle for the scam called gender equality…
You are bigger, braver and better by far,
if you doubt me, take a look at your scars,

No, not those ones that are visible
but the ones that are almost impossible…
Despite your loses, you don’t act like survivors
You carry your crosses like cool conquerors,
The crowns in your hearts are not symbols of royalty
they are your identity as beautiful brands of humanity.
I love you all…

© Adeleke Adeite 2019

Without You In My World

Without You in my garden
fresh flowers will fade away
green grasses will turn to hay
beautiful butterflies will fly away…

Without You in my skies
Rain and rainbow will resign
the noontime sun will not shine
The moon and stars will not align…

Without You in my heart
My passion will underflow
My heartbeats will be too slow
My blood pressure will be too low…

Without You in my mind
My thoughts will not be right
My life’s lamp will lose its light
My peace and joy will take flight

Without You in my world
There will be no sight to see
There will be no place to be
and surely there will be no me…
© Adeleke Adeite 2019