Building and Breaking With Love

All human beings are configured to be in a relationship whether interpersonal or intra personal. Life cannot be lived in isolation. Some relationships are for business, some for pleasure while some are naturally established for social purposes.

We all must be in a relationship whether we like it or not. However, all relationships require a certain level of knowledge, understanding and maturity.
A broken relationship is not a broken life, if a crack in a wall makes the wall to crumble, build a new wall either with the broken bricks or new bricks. It is pointless to live the rest of one’s life helpless, hopeless and defenseless.
The bitter end of a chapter is not the end of a sweet story.

Learn to love, leave if you must and live on. Life is in phases, the end of a phase is the beginning of another.
The last time I broke up a relationship, this was exactly what I did. I invited my partner for a date and made her see the grave she was digging for me and herself with the shovel of crass dishonesty and disloyalty.
She was wrong and she shamefacedly admitted it, I could not live with such a person not because she was imperfect but because she was not willing to pay the price to let go her flaws. She wanted to have her cake and eat it.

I made up my mind not to end it all in a pit of regrets but in a pool of sober reflection.
I left her with a lesson on love and loyalty. I was glad she understood the lesson in just few minutes.
No relationship is all rosy, sometimes, even the most beautiful butterflies get burnt. However, there is always a time for recovery and retreat. It is important to know that after all the fight and fury, we will someday fade away and be forgotten. We are nothing but dust. All the hate and hurt will only add to the heat in hell.
No one is perfect. Build your relationship on love and if you must break it, break it with love. It is completely baseless to start with love and end with loss of peace and happiness.
Even if you can’t save your relationship, save a life at least, don’t push yourself or your partner into the pool of pain, pity and pressure.

Stop allowing those who ruined your past to run your present and rule your future. Leave the pit of past pains, live to harness today’s rain and look forward to future gains.
-Adeleke Adeite

The Silent Tears of Superstars

Smiling when you hit rock bottom is not a sign of strength, it’s a sign of knowledge. We sometimes get to a point in our lives where we fight our toughest battles alone, hide our terrifying tears behind a glowing face and help other people get better even when things are at the worst within us, not because we feel strong enough to hold back our tears, help others and hope for the best but because we understand the mystery of life’s journey.

Seeds have to die before they burst forth, blossom and bloom
The sun silently burns itself to shine and light up the earth so much that even the moon taps from the sun to glow.

Not everyone needs to hear your story when you are going through the toughest terrain and bitterest season of your life.

The world would eventually hear the story when it becomes a testimony of survival and success. Hold on and stay strong.

Pains last for a moment and then metamorphose into gains when we refuse to give up on our dreams.
The problem with most people is that they leave their beautiful dreams in their beds and carry their nightmares on their heads everywhere they go.

Light brings clarity and sense of direction while darkness brings confusion and misdirection.
Stop planting your seed of success in the garden of gloom and stop decorating your dreams with dross and doom.

We all have a choice to either live right or die wrong. Not all dead mean are in the grave, some are working hard to fulfill the wrong purpose or worse still fulfilling other people’s purpose at the expense of theirs.

Wake up and work it out. Everything we need to survive, succeed and be significant is right inside us. Hence the greatest discovery of everyone on this planet is self discovery. Until we discover our passion, purpose and potentials, we may not fully express and harness

God’s incredible investment in our lives.
We owe ourselves and the world the best of us.
Don’t let your dreams be dormant or dying while you are awake and active.

The best activity we should carry out when our dreams are dormant is to wake up the dormant dreams.
Pain is part of the party, never use it as an excuse for failure.

If you cannot use your hand, use your head, if you cannot use your head, use your heart, we all have what it takes to make the world a better place. Launch out, learn and live your dreams.
Your friend in the school of success,

-Adeleke Adeite

A Lover like no Other

Heaven and earth will pass away; flowers and grasses will fade away,
Sun, moon and stars may cease to glow…
God’s love for me will forever grow.

My best friend may stay or leave,
and fiery foes may crave to cleave;
tears of trials may frequently flow…
God’s love for me will forever grow!

I may be lost in the mist of mess,
and sometime helpless and cheerless;
the voice of reason may become low…
God’s love for me will forever grow.

My sweetest song shall forever be
Someday, in heaven His glory I see,
I lost nothing in the world below;
God’s love for me will forever grow!
© Adeleke Adeite

flowers and grasses will fade away,
Sun, moon and stars may cease to glow…
God’s love for me will forever grow.

My best friend may stay or leave,
and fiery foes may crave to cleave;
tears of trials may frequently flow…
God’s love for me will forever grow!

I may be lost in the mist of mess,
and sometime helpless and cheerless;
the voice of reason may become low…
God’s love for me will forever grow.

My sweetest song shall forever be
Someday, in heaven His glory I see,
I lost nothing in the world below;
God’s love for me will forever grow!
© Adeleke Adeite

Whispers of Wisdom 1

If we do not learn to make good things happen,
we will live to murmur when bad things happen…
Evil men become vibrant and violent
when the righteous becomes slothful and silent…
Great leaders promote equity and justice
but bad rulers preen on pride and prejudice…
The world will always have some form of slavery,
we need to teach our children the art of bravery…
Greed makes mighty men become morally bankrupt
but the needy should not get confused and corrupt…
Stars do not lose their great beauty and brightness
when twilight strolls in with its doom and darkness…
Do not lose your little light just to earn wages,
do not lose your soul when starvation rages.
Meat for the belly and the belly for meat…
We lose what matters most when we choose to cheat.
Women, weed and wine make some men mad…
Money, mansions and music make some women glad.
This green garden will one day cease to grow…
that sparkling star will someday cease to glow.

Copyright 2018, Adeleke Adeite

Leaders of Tomorrow Sleeping in Sorrow

I see them everywhere,

supposed leaders of tomorrow

sinking deeply in seas of sorrow.

I see them everywhere

on social media, writing bunkum

and in chaotic clubs raking in rum.

I see them everywhere

making music with ludicrous lyrics,

and thrilled by some thorny theatrics.

I see them everywhere,

on the sea, sailing subtly to slavery,

basking in the billows of bravery.

I see them everywhere,

on the streets striving to survive,

thrusting thistles just to thrive…

I see them everywhere,

in betting shops and lottery points,

wining and dying in sensual joints…

I see them everywhere,

on highway snuggling the sun,

making a risky living on the run…

I see them everywhere,

hired as  protesters by politicians

and fooled by mediocre magicians.

I see them everywhere,

fronting for footballers in Europe

while their hope hangs on a rope.

I see them everywhere,

the very few in this messed age

who knows there’s a war to wage.

I see them everywhere,

waging war against mediocrity,

striving for success with alacrity.

I see them everywhere,

shunning the shadow of shame

forsaking the field of frail fame.

I see them everywhere,

wielding true wealth and wisdom

to fuel future fortune and freedom.

I see them everywhere,

standing for truth and justice,

they shun pride and prejudice…

I see them everywhere,

in schools, camps and colleges,

gaining skills and getting knowledge.

I see them everywhere,

sowing seeds in the field of freedom,

creating keys to their own kingdom.

I see them everywhere,

not deterred by flashes of distraction,

a bright future is their side attraction.

Copyright 2018 Adeleke Adeite

Heart’s Not Hot

My heart is not fireproof,

it is not impervious to 

the ignition of deep desires.

My heart is not shatterproof,

it gets swiftly splintered by 

tales of tears and terror.

My heart is not bulletproof,

I feel the clouts and cocoon

of hatred and harmony.

My heart is not foolproof,

it has been defrauded by 

losers, yet it wins each war…

My heart is not waterproof,

It has been drenched by the

teardrops of joys and sorrows…

My heart is not soundproof,

I hear the tantrums of fears

and whispers of wisdom.

My heart is not bombproof,

It has been blown away by

rockets of radical reality…

Welcome to my heart.

Copyright 2018, Adeleke Adeite

Within Without

True love can be shown without words.

Tough wars can be won without swords.

Lives can be touched without fingers.

Hope can be kindled by total strangers.

Truth can be told without harshness,

Peace can be pursued without rashness.

Words can be written without letters

Floors can get dirty without litters.

Races can be won without swiftness,

Puzzles can be solved without smartness.

Goals can be achieved without a team.

Voices can be heard without a scream.

Life can be terminated without death.

Life can be revived without breath.

Teardrops can flow without sorrows,

Souls can be stricken without arrows.

Confession can be made without duress.

Nakedness can be covered without dress.

Attention can be gotten without seduction.

Work can be done without instruction.

Men can bleed without flow of blood.

Earth can be eroded without flood.

-Adeleke Adeite

Complete Love

Those who love completely

cannot leave us completely…

When all is said and done

and it seems they are gone

We see them in silent stars,

and in our screaming scars.

We feel their warm embrace

in pure and pleasant places.

We hear their blissful echoes

even in boisterous billows.

They are far away but ever near

Their shadows shield our fear.

-Adeleke Adeite

Stop Carrying Mountains

Men who carry their mountains,

find it hard to forge ahead.

Men who climb their mountains

clearly see what lies ahead.

Stop fueling your fondest fears,

take one day at a time.

Men who tend their tough tears,

often commit common crimes.

Life is not and will not be fair,

embrace both pains and gains.

As eagles soar in pathless air,

explore life’s unknown terrains.

Pray, when the going gets tough,

panic is the magnet of defeat.

Brace up when the road is rough

and strive to stay on your feet.

War is an inevitable part of life;

victory is not given, earn it.

Our soul can sail through strife…

if we learn never to quit.

– Adeleke Adeite

It is Hard and Easy

It is hard to forget three people:

Those who led us into trouble,

those who left us in times of trouble

and those who lifted us out of trouble.
It is easy to forget three people:

Those who took more and gave less,

those who talked more and did less

and those who lied more and loved less…
It is hard to forgive three people:

Constant and unremorseful offenders,

grievous and perfect pretenders,

bitter and backstabbing defenders…
It is easy to forgive three people:

Penitent offenders with sweet souls,

pretenders who have positive goals,

and friendly foes who correct their fouls.
It is hard to find three people:

Men who are helpful and honourable,

women who are decent and delectable

and youths who are honest and humble.
It is easy to find three people:

Politicians who are dubious and dishonest,

yung folks who are impatient and immodest

and religious folks who fuel civil unrest.
It is hard to leave three people:

Those who treats us like champions,

those who lovingly give honest opinions

and those who are caring companions.
It is hard to love three people:

Those who constantly brew bitterness,
those who don’t support other people’s success

and those who sow seeds of sadness…

-Adeleke Adeite

NB: This piece comprises both sarcasm and salient facts. Readers’ discretion is advised.