The Frequency of Faith

When last did you read or listen to a ‘breaking news’ that broke your heart? Let me guess, some minutes ago, right?
I know that times seem to have changed without giving us a heads up, and our world is fast becoming somewhat strange. But maybe we all need to tune to a better broadcasting station void of negative news and repulsive reports.

In our world today, as nations fight against nations, economic instability seems to be at war with emotional stability. As funds are dropping, faith seems to be declining too. As debts are increasing, despair seems to be rising too. Wars and rumours of war are raging against global and personal peace.

But in all these, we all must strive to stay sane, safe and strong – a victory we must all win against all horrible happenings and negative news.
We must never lose heart. We must never settle for less. We must never settle for the lies of the devil.

In every trial and tribulation, the truth still holds, “we are more than conquerors” Romans 8: 37.
God has better broadcasting stations. It’s time to tune in to divine frequencies. It’s time to get back on the ‘Track of Truth’, and take back our peace. We must not let situations shut us out of the frequency of faith, hope and joy. We all need help. We all need hope and, no doubt, our world needs healing.

I would have loved to write another epic epistle to you but I would like you to declare this affirmation over yourself. Say this affirmation.

I am constantly connected to the frequency of faith, favour and freedom in Christ.
I shut down the frequency of fear, failure and frustration.
I only hear sounds of peace, hope and overflowing joy.
I shut down the waves of worry, weakness and weariness.
The troubles and trials of life will not tear my soul apart.
I rise above past pains and the pressures of life.
I dwell daily in love, light and limitless possibilities.
My jar of joy will not run dry.
My pool of peace flows freely always.
The storms and struggles of life will not keep me stuck in the pit of pain.
I rise above the rage of rejection and resentment.
I have an Anchor who keeps my soul steadfast.
God is the author and anchor of my life.
I am forgiven, favoured and fortified.
I am free to love, laugh and live my best life, no matter what is going on around me.
I am free indeed.
© Adeleke Adeite

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Be blessed dear friends.
I love you all.

Epic Epistle 001

Hey buddy, have you gotten any love letters lately or I should just mind my business? Well, I am glad to introduce you to my new Epic Epistle series. Over the years, I have learned to speak life over myself, after I was healed of depression. This was what birthed my book titled Whispers of Winners.

However, a lot has happened to me in recent times and I took solace in writing love letters to myself. I was inspired and led by God to share some of these letters with you.

These letters are birthed from the place of deep meditation and tagged Epic Epistles. I strongly believe that you will be richly blessed and inspired to live, love and laugh by these letters as I trust God to bring healing and hope to every heart through these Epic Epistles. The first epistle I will be sharing with you is titled “Legendary Love”

You are worthy of legendary love.
The kind of love that heals you completely.
Love, like the balm flowing from God’s palms.
The kind of love that soothes your soul.
Love, like the sounds of sacred psalms.
The kind of love that fuels your faith.
Enjoy this love, this blend of holy fragrance and fire.

©Adeleke Adeite 2022

I encourage you today to bask in the legendary love of God.

The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. Jeremiah 31:3

Prayer: If you feel lost and lonely today, I pray that the legendary love of God will find expression in your life in Jesus name. This love will birth healing an d hope for you in all areas on your life in Jesus name. Don’t settle for a life of bitterness and hopelessness. There is hope for you in the love of God. Cheers.