Courage to Conquer

Life is beautiful and wonderful yet, it is important to note that life is not fair. I often tell my friends that life has never been fair and it will never be fair. Our consolation is that God is forever faithful. If we focus on God’s faithfulness and not life’s unfairness, we will eventually flourish no matter the number of times we fail.

Charles Spurgeon said, ‘I owe more to the fire, and the hammer, and the file, than to anything else in my Lord’s workshop.’

A lot of times, when we say someone is on fire, we really think we are praising such a person for being passionate and powerful but we don’t pay attention to the fire he or she may be passing through. Before a flower can become beautiful, it must have survived scourging sunshine and terrible raindrops.

Pain is part of the party of life. However, every pain has a pleasant purpose, the problem is that we sometimes focus on our pains so much that we don’t even want to believe that something beautiful can come out of our painful experiences. It is so interesting that no one wants to die but they want to be in paradise.

Fire is one of the most significant elements on earth, it is a symbol of passion, power and purity. These three qualities (passion, power and purity) are desirable but the process of attaining them is sometimes undesirable. The reason why there are a lot of suicide cases in recent times is because there are a lot of people in this generation who cannot stand the fire, flame and flood of life.

I once read a research paper on how the sun in the sky derives its capacity to shine. I found out that the sun is actually a collection of massive gas especially hydrogen and helium, it keeps shining because it keeps burning itself. So if you have seen a gas explosion before, you can imagine what the sun does to itself in order to generate power. The sun warms the earth, provides light for us to see and also contributes vitally to the survival of plants and humans. All of these would not have been possible if the sun does not burn itself.

A lot of people wants to become stars but they don’t want to feel heat. Some kinds blessings and beauty require fire, flood and flame, just as raw gold must go through heat to get refined.

Victory does not come by chance, it comes by making the right choices and turning challenges into opportunities to make positive changes.

So how can one cope and conquer in the furnace of life.

1) Have a connection with the refiner which is God: God wants to help you survive through the fire and flood of life. Learn to lean on Him.

2) Be in a community of encouragers: if your friends are not your mentors, they will be your tormentors. Always be in the midst of people who see, say and seek good things for you.

3) Watch what you read, view and listen to: the kind of books you read, movies you watch and songs you listen to will go a long way to either encourage you or damage your confidence.

In conclusion, life will always knock you down, it’s up to you to pick yourself up with prayers and keep pursuing your dreams. Life will only knock out the man who stops fighting to stand. Successful people are not people without pains but those who keep converting their pains to gains.

Those who focus on gains will eventually flourish but those who focus on pains may perish except they change. Courage requires change in perspective, conquering in life requires prayers, passion, persistency, confidence and positive connection.

© Adeleke Adeite 2019

If Seeds Could Speak

Many years ago, when I was still a teenager, on a fateful Saturday I accompanied my mom to visit a lady who was an AIDS patient in one of the most ‘dreaded’ hospitals in Lagos, Nigeria.
As at the time we got to the hospital, the lady could no longer speak audibly. My mom comforted her with words and asked me to introduce Christ to her and also pray for her, which I did. She gave her life to Christ and I assured her that Jesus could heal her.

The next day while I was preparing to go to church, we got a news that the lady had died in the early hours of that day. Can you imagine how I felt back then?

One of the mysteries of life is that a lot of times, we enjoy beautiful and sweet things that we don’t really qualify for. Some other times we have to endure bitter and ugly stuffs that we think we don’t really deserve.
In all of this, is God is still God and is He still good?

Sometimes, I wonder why women still want to get pregnant despite the fact that they know the kind of discomfort and pains they might go through during pregnancy. It would be almost foolish for anyone to ask a question like… why would a husband allow the wife he loves so much to get pregnant in the first place knowing fully well that the woman would go through the pressure of pregnancy and the pain of child delivery?

If some of us were to be seeds, I mean SEEDS, we would wonder why a farmer would pick us from a clean sack where we feel cool and safe only for him to bury us alive in a dark and dirty soil!

The soil suitable for ‘burying seeds’ doesn’t smell nice, it’s a place of breaking, crushing and pressing; it’s also a place of death, darkness and decay yet farmers gladly put seeds in this terrible condition. Why? Do you think seeds deserves to die?

When I started primary education in the early 90s, I didn’t like going to school. I focused on the pain and pressure of learning so much that I failed to see the essence of education.

I probably thought to myself, “I am here to enjoy family, friends, food and fun”. Why would my parents keep making me go to a place where I don’t feel comfortable?

A lot of us are like this, we fail to see our bright and beautiful end because we are missing the very essence of our present pains and pressure.

Some of us are yet to realize that the most dangerous zone on earth is comfort zone.

If seeds could speak, some of them would curse farmers for burying them to die and decay just because they are ignorant of the fact that after the dying season, there is a season of bursting forth, blooming and bringing forth fruits all things being equal.

God is a very creative movie director, and suspense is one of the tools He uses the most. Just as some movies leave us with more questions than answers so is the movie of life too. You are like the seed, you are not buried in darkness to die, you don’t have to curse God or cry in despair. God is not blind to your pains, He has a plan and purpose for every pressure. For you don’t enjoy peace and calmness, ask less questions about your situation and seek to know His purposes. Even if you don’t get answers, wisdom requires trusting the Faithful Farmer.

How to Trust More and Tear up Less:

  1. Read God’s words and other inspiring books.
  2. Seek godly counsel in all situations
  3. Plug into a community of confident and courageous soul.
  4. Count your blessings and always remember your past victories.
  5. Love God and know Him more. If you know Him, you know the answer to all questions

So before you ask God the next series of ‘whys’. Ask yourself this question, if I didn’t ask God to create me, what authority do we have to question His actions? If we can’t accept the fact that God knows all, He doesn’t have to sell the right to be Omniscience to any man, He owns the sole right!

Is it not wise for you to just accept both the unanswered questions and the answers He gives when you don’t even have questions.

© Adeleke Adeite 2019

A Fantastic Father

I celebrate you dear father
for paving my path to planet earth
and for truly loving me before birth.

I celebrate you dear father
because you catch me before I fall,
you are there to answer before I call.

I celebrate you dear father
not because you are a flawless man
but because you are a fantastic man…

I celebrate you dear father
because you are a marvelous model
and an adorable guardian angel.

I pray for you dear father
that you will enjoy strength
and always experience sound health.

I pray for you dear father
that you will live in faith and freedom
and always walk in wealth and wisdom.

I pray for you dear father
that you will fly high and flourish;
your legacy of love will never vanish.

I celebrate you dear father
for giving me a marvelous mother,
and for my sister and brothers.

I celebrate you father,
because you taught me to pray
whenever it seems I’ve lost my way.

I celebrate you dear father
for being a great replica of God,
a fatherhood beyond flesh and blood.
© Adeleke Adeite 2019