There is a Perfect Place

There is a place of endless peace;
a place of joy and full release,
where wars and prejudice shall cease…
Where praise and purity increase.

There is a place of quiet rest…
A stream free from storm and tempest.
A fruitful field void of life’s pest;
A place where Satan cannot molest.

There is a place of great relief,
where Jesus is the King and Chief…
A kingdom safe, there’s not a thief
where love and light are never brief.

There is a place of comfort sweet;
the home where we will Jesus meet…
Angels and mortal throng the street;
we shall all gather at Jesus feet.

There is a place beyond the sky
where we shall live and never die.
No pain, no strain; we will not cry.
All saints shall rejoice by and by…

Will I find you there my dear friend?
Let not this world cause you to bend.
All mortal glories shall someday end.
Will you to this great place ascend.

Copyright Adeleke Adeite 2013