Looters and Shooters

Poverty is a weapon of political oppression,
Hungry protesters are kinsmen of lousy looters.
Brutality is a weapon of mass suppression,
Inhuman police officers are shady shooters.

When corruption is a nation’s operating system,
policy somersault becomes its trademark.
When abject deprivation is a nation’s emblem,
relentless rebellion becomes its benchmark.

Protest against systems designed to oppress,
Don’t dialogue with demons, cast them out.
They will fight back, don’t retreat, don’t regress.
With faith and focus, they can’t knock you out.

Freedom of expression is an invitation to warfare
when rash rulers occupy the citadel of the state.
Free and fair election becomes a nightmare
when bad leaders are elected by hungry electorates.

Your vote is your voice, join a formidable band,
sing an adieu anthem to all clueless rulers.
Don’t sit on the fence, arise and take a stand,
Save yourself from the hands of political dealers.

Peace is not a prize but a product of equity,
freedom is not free, stop entreating dictators.
Play your part to enrol peace and prosperity,
You are agents of change, not mere agitators.

Β© Adeleke Adeite

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