Progression Over Perfection

The ugliness of the caterpillar does not reduce its capacity to become a beautiful butterfly. It’s merely a sign of growth, so is failure.

No one is perfect, but everyone can have a positive effect. Nothing was created for perfection, everything exists for progression. Great artists believe that every mess has a beautiful message. You can create a colourful package out of a complete wreckage only if you learn to pick up broken pieces and process them to make a masterpiece.

Perfection leaves little or no room for improvement. That’s why perfection remains a relative concept. Imperfection provides a platform for progression. It sometimes requires choas to create a beauty, just as the rainbow rises from the ashes of storms.

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A lot of times, we focus on our failures, and forget that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s an opportunity for success. Learning precedes lifting. You will do better and become better when you know better. Great men and women are those who consistently learn how to use failures as catalysts for success.

The fact that something is not working gives room for discovery and recovery. The greatest inventions and innovations in our world are answers to failures and inadequacies.

Our shortcomings are indications that there is room for growth and positive change. Stop fueling your flaws with regrets, worries and doubts. Study material that will help you become a better version of yourself.

Our weaknesses are the channels through which God releases and reveals His strength. We need to always pray for the grace to shun guilt and embrace change. Repentance positions you for deliverance and abundance.

Our flaws and foibles are not setbacks but setups for discovery, recovery and delivery. God made us imperfect so we can appreciate and embrace the grace for growth. Relational, emotional and professional mess can metamorphose into a beautiful, impactful and wonderful life.

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Action Point:

  • Write a list of all your setbacks, weaknesses, failures, threats and inadequacies.
  • Write out every possible way you can overcome or maximise your failures as catalysts for growth.
  • Speak to an expert or counsellor if you need further guidance or help.
  • Make a commitment to be responsible to write a new story even if you can’t rewrite your past mistakes. Shun regrets, your best life is ahead of you. Make it happen.

Β© Adeleke Adeite

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Be blessed and stay safe.

36 thoughts on “Progression Over Perfection”

      1. Well, coming to that, I actually learn a lot from this piece, Adeleke. All thanks to youπŸ™‚

        Actually I really liked the points you mentioned at the end of the post, I actually used to do that far back, and threw the paper in the bin after crushing
        I guess it really helps in the long run. Penning our weaknesses down and working on them thereafter, is always good.
        After all, it really motivates us and makes us look open where were we actually wrong. I really appreciate you for sharing that idea.

        Eventually, I had stopped this, but reading your post again, I’m so much overwhelmed to do that again. Thanks for making me remember that all over again.😁

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        1. Yes, I think it’s good for us to face our fears instead of fighting them. Fears and weaknesses become an enemy when we fight them but they become our slaves when we face them and use them as a source of inspiration and strength.

          It’s important to learn to see the positive side of our weaknesses and maximize them. Regrets and guilt should be replaced with reflection and redirection.

          Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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          1. Exactly..! Unless we dont see where are we actually wrong, and make an effort to correct it, how can we expect to not do the same thing the next time as well. Every mistake or a failure teaches us to be good, in one way or the other. The choice is ours, to turn our weaknesses in strengths or just let them drown us in the fall of life:)

            A pleasure connecting with you here Adeleke.

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            1. I feel blessed connecting with you here too. Thank you for sharing your wellspring of wisdom with me.

              And yes, I think darkness is not a disadvantage, it provides a platform for stars to shine brighter. Weakness is not a disadvantage, it provides a platform for the wise to rise and gain strength.

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  1. Perfection can be an illusion!

    It is crucial that we remind ourselves that we are only humans, and human beings are far from being perfect. You cannot be perfect in everything you choose to do, but should be content with what you can do and accept what is beyond your abilities. We must recognize that we all have limitations in our abilities. As long as you are not settling for everything that comes your way your efforts will pay off.

    Let’s keep fighting for what we can for our best. And God will see us through.

    Great piece πŸ‘, Adeleke. Thanks for sharing. Stay blessed πŸ™Œ.

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    1. Yes, Marie,

      I sometimes wonder why the word perfection is in the dictionary when it doesn’t even exist in its real sense.

      I think perfection the peak of our existence and it only can be found in divinity. As long as we are on planet earth, progression will always be the way to go. Failing forward seem to be the human version of perfection.

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      1. I am finally or perhaphs the middle of accepting my flawed self and while I am using them for self-growth, I try to impart some lessons learned to others and the youths.
        I appreciate your sharing this.

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    1. Thank you for this piece
      It is illustrative of the steps and processes of growth.
      We must pass through every stage and their experience, it shapes us with the strength for the next stage.
      No matter how ugly a phase is, it doesn’t define your outcome. Things are still moving, change is still happening.

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    1. Yes, I used to tell my students that if a basket is empty, it means that it is useful, it has space to carry things. If a brain is empty, it means it has space for knowledge. An empty brain has enough space for knowledge, it’s not useless if you use it.


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