Hello Fear

Dear fear,
Now that you’ve shown up again
My welcome message is plain
I am no more that chamber of pain
where you used to rule and reign.

So before you clench your fierce fist,
Sit down and listen to my cool gist.
You’re no longer that foe I dreaded
I’m now a king and won’t be headed.

You can no longer crush my courage,
My soul is too sacred to be held hostage.
I will let you fly freely in an old cage,
and keep it behind my stunning stage.

I once dealt with you in ignorance
and you swindled me with arrogance.
Now the truth has earned me freedom,
Watch me soar with the wings of wisdom.

Give me shadow and I’ll face the light,
In every little glow, I will derive delight.
And before you try your rusty tactics
Watch out for my limitless theatrics.

© Adeleke Adeite

What’s your biggest fear and how are you handling it?

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