Heart’s Not Hot

My heart is not fireproof,

it is not impervious to 

the ignition of deep desires.

My heart is not shatterproof,

it gets swiftly splintered by 

tales of tears and terror.

My heart is not bulletproof,

I feel the clouts and cocoon

of hatred and harmony.

My heart is not foolproof,

it has been defrauded by 

losers, yet it wins each war…

My heart is not waterproof,

It has been drenched by the

teardrops of joys and sorrows…

My heart is not soundproof,

I hear the tantrums of fears

and whispers of wisdom.

My heart is not bombproof,

It has been blown away by

rockets of radical reality…

Welcome to my heart.

Copyright 2018, Adeleke Adeite

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