Within Without

True love can be shown without words.

Tough wars can be won without swords.

Lives can be touched without fingers.

Hope can be kindled by total strangers.

Truth can be told without harshness,

Peace can be pursued without rashness.

Words can be written without letters

Floors can get dirty without litters.

Races can be won without swiftness,

Puzzles can be solved without smartness.

Goals can be achieved without a team.

Voices can be heard without a scream.

Life can be terminated without death.

Life can be revived without breath.

Teardrops can flow without sorrows,

Souls can be stricken without arrows.

Confession can be made without duress.

Nakedness can be covered without dress.

Attention can be gotten without seduction.

Work can be done without instruction.

Men can bleed without flow of blood.

Earth can be eroded without flood.

-Adeleke Adeite

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