Declaration of Victory Day 16

Today is a new opportunity to get up, show up, speak up and open up your heart to attract divine possibilities. Say the affirmations below with faith and expect them to find expression in your life. As you affirm it, God will confirm it.
Download a free copy of Whispers of Winners daily affirmation here.

Declaration of Victory Day 16

6 thoughts on “Declaration of Victory Day 16”

  1. Growing inner stamina, these affirmations are such beautiful commitments to oneself.
    How encouraging and blessed with the supporting scripture.

    Have a wonderful morning. Blessings 🙌 too. 🕊💕

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      1. Hello Adeite, same to you.

        Yes, through God’s word as you pointed out.

        I’m definitely slowing down, the results wasn’t good at all, which i received today.
        Of course I am distraught. But I will wrestle with God. He allows me this so I’m not being irreverent. I just need to arise to an ocassion.
        I’ve had some treatment today, which is making me tired.

        How is your day going?


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