Love, Lines and Landmarks

I have never been this emotional while writing a piece. It’s been 7 years of sweet moments and memories as a blogger. Yaaaaay! It’s also my first time of making a special post to celebrate the sweet souls who make WordPress a sanctuary of sort for me.

I have shared how rough and tough 2020 was for me; how I was hopeless, helpless and homeless for months, but I must say that the amazing family and friends I met here made me sail through that stormy season without drowning in depression.

During my downtime, I read a lot of inspiring and uplifting pieces that made me discover the beauty and blessings of adversity. It’s comforting to know that someone is here to read my teardrops in word.

I started 2020 with over 100 followers but now, my WordPress family has gotten bigger and stronger.

With every notification of a new follower I get, I see an amazing being with distinct skills, expertise, experiences, ideas and viewpoints, having something valuable to lend and learn. This is not about having stats and figures to flaunt, but a family to do life with.

I started blogging to share my heart and art with others, to inspire and encourage them. I never knew that it’s going to be a safe space that will give me solace, succour and strength someday.

I’m grateful to you all for being a part of my blogging journey so far, especially those who gave me their shoulder to lean on. I’m grateful for every single like, comment, share and reblog. I feel encouraged by your engagements with my blog and every single post.

This platform has helped me to achieve the following:

Be a blessing to people through written and spoken words.

Connect with fantastic people from different countries and co-write articles with great minds.

Be a better writer, content creator and communicator.

Share of the wisdom, wonders and wealth of fellow bloggers through their contents.

Thank you all once again for your engagements and encouragement. As my way of celebrating you all, I am giving out a free copy of my new book Whispers of Winners (Daily Edition) to all my friends. Download it here.

Feel free to share your thoughts about my blog in the comment sections. Cheers to many more love, lines and landmarks. Thank you.

Spark a Smile

Whatever your burden may be,
don’t let it bury your beauty.
Spark a smile.

Life is a platter of possibilities,
don’t focus on uncertainties.
Spark a smile.

Anxiety will become invalid,
When your faith becomes solid.
Spark a smile.

The journey may seem chancy,
but your success can be juicy,
Spark a smile.

No mountain too high, buddy,
Sadness is not your reality,
Spark a smile.

Whatever the past may bestow,
don’t let it dim your glow,
Spark a smile.

You may be tempted to cry,
Let teardrops drip and dry.
Spark a smile.

Your seeds are buried to bloom,
stop declaring defeat or doom.
Spark a smile.

Don’t use your smile as a mask,
covering pains is a pointless task.
Spark a smile.

Let your smile flaunt your hope,
It will give you the vigour to cope.
Spark a smile

Your smile is your best makeover
It sprinkles joy and bliss all over.
Spark a smile.

Let your sweet smile
make someone go the extra mile.
Spark a smile.

© Adeleke Adeite

Let me know your favourite lines in the comment section, and please share this piece with your friends and family. Spark a smile today.