Twitter Ban: Fraternizing a Forlorn Fate – A Poem

The Nigerian government has indefinitely suspended Twitter two days after the social media giant removed a post by the nation’s president, Muhammadu Buhari.

The news of the ban was greeted with baseless banters and slight outrage with a touch of social media ‘cruise’. This has left many people wondering if this nation still the giant of Africa or the groaning ant of Africa.

I wonder if this generation is still a ‘woke’ generation or a joke. Are we not seeing the signs of a impending implosion or we just want to remain indifferent in the face of wordless violence from the people in power?

In my pain, I wrote this, hoping that we will wake up and tame the looming disaster.

Voices of reason are now in chains,
freedom floats in the pool of pains.
This social theatrics is beyond tragic,
banning Twitter is beyond comic.
Hell set this fire with fragrant smoke
it seems like a joke but will finally choke.
Evil men are seriously strategizing
simpletons are smiling and slumbering.
When injustice invades your oasis,
it comes with a consignment of crisis.
Hope shrinks when you have no voice,
justice sinks when you have no choice.
How far is too far for bleeding stars?
wounded soldiers with medals of scars,
how long will you sit still in your shackles?
how long will you accept tricky tackles?
Wake up before it’s too late,
stop fraternising this forlorn fate.
March against the forces of darkness,
speak up before they make you voiceless,
let the sounds of deliverance reverberate,
The time is now, let light and hope escalate
© Adeleke Adeite

What’s your take on this?

Protesting For Posterity

Protest is not the answer, protest is one of the options and you know what? Justice is the answer! No one wants to see or smell blood but some people may have to pay the ultimate price in the quest for freedom and justice.

Revolution and restoration can only be achieved by a generation that values the principles of integration, aggregation and penetration over competition and recognition. Unity is a weapon of mass restoration.

Freedom is not free. It is either someone has paid for it, someone is paying for it or someone will pay for it. The price of freedom is not always high if people pool resources together. Every cent matters.

Peaceful protest attracts aggression from oppressors. If you can’t join them, beat them. Innovation provides a cooler dimension of aggression. Wisdom trumps strength.

Violence is way better than silence. Silence is the garden where bitterness is buried. It’s only a matter of time, bitterness gets fertelized by frustration, becomes a tree with ripe rebellion that haunts the oppressors. Refuse to be silent forever.

Dead men tell no tales but their blood screams out loud for justice peppered with vengeance. Death has never been the end of life, it’s a transition.

No one will leave this world alive. You have many lives to live, make your death count. There is life after death and there is death after life. Live for something significant if your want your death to be a remarkable transition.

Everyone kills to survive. Every other day, mosquitoes get murdered in cold blood, vegetarians kill green plants, scientists kill viruses. Death has always been a vital part of survival. When good men refuse to kill evil, it becomes a monster and haunts them.

Your life is too small to be the reason God created you and gave you unique gifts. Your purpose is beyond possession and position. God had posterity in mind when He gave you access to prosperity.

You will not only be remembered for what you have done. You will be rewarded for what you have done. Greed and corruption are manifestations of ignorance with a touch of arrogance.

Procrastination is not a thief of time it’s the assasin of great opportunities. Change happens when opportunities are used at the right time. Intimidators are inspired by cowardice. If the oppressor has taken your voice and your vision from you, recovery is by revolt, freedom is by force.

If you don’t want to be a prey, don’t just pray to God, protest against grave oppression. Your voice is your weapon, but it’s not your only weapon. Your tongue is not the only part of your body. Use every weapon at your disposal to secure your disposal. Protest for peace, progress, prosperity and posterity.

© Adeleke Adeite

Candlelight’s Clarion Call #EndSARS

In the brewery of brutality
they were crushed and killed.
By custodians of criminality
innocent bloods were spilled.

Silenced by trigger happy cops,
yet their peace is loud and clear.
It roars and rages from rooftops
to fight police fierceness and fear.

In the sanctuary of our streets
a million-candle sparkles.
Timeless tales told with tweets
as every timeline twinkles.

Every candle screams in silence
“justice must prevail”.
Politicians can’t preen in pretence
while heroes travail.

The end of bad governance is here,
It’s happening right now.
The end of police brutality is here,
It’s happening right now!

#EndSARS protests in Nigeria took a different and emotional twist today, Friday October 16, as protesters all across the nation and in Diaspora holds a candle night in remembrance of all victims of Extra-judiciary killings and police brutality.

Recall that the protest started as a critical response to incessant police brutality and extrajudicial killings by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) unit of the Nigerian Police Force which was disbanded by the Inspector-general of police, Mohammed Adamu who later, announced the establishment of Special Weapons and Tactics Team (SWAT) to replace SARS.

Feminist Coalition, a group of young Nigerian feminists formed in July 2020 with a mission to champion equality for women in Nigerian society has been at the forefront of the protests, mobilizing resources, raising awareness, coordination protests and so on.

The names of some of the victims published by Feminist coalition

The names of some of the victims published by Feminist coalition

Some videos and pictures from the candle night

Say a prayer for Nigeria. Africa deserves a living and thriving giant, not a corrupt and crawling ant.
© Adeleke Adeite All Rights Reserved