Brewery of Brutality?

A force meant to ensure security
has become a brewery of brutality.
They shoot at peaceful protesters
while criminals see them as jesters.

Where is intelligence in their tactics
if they treat sacred lives like statistics?
Concerned nationals yearn for reforms,
why attacked them like cankerworms?

Every innocent blood you’ve shed,
every law-abiding soul that has bled,
every baseless injury you’ve inflicted
scream that you should be evicted…

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I hope the government will yield
before sanctuaries turn to battlefields.
If police are meant to maintain law,
then cut their claws and fix their flaws.

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) was a Nigerian Police Force unit charged with the responsibility of curbing and combating armed robbery but it was disbanded on October 11, 2020, following a widespread protest from Nigerians which took a global dimension.

Some of the many controversial activities that SARS officers were accused of include acts of torture, extortion, blackmail, extra judicial killings, framing and sexual abuse.

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However, the ongoing protest seems to have revealed a lot of professional lapses in the conduct of the police force as pockets of sporadic shootings and reprisal attacks from the police were reported. Some peaceful protesters were reported dead.

Meanwhile, the peaceful protesters outlined their demands as follows:
1. Immediate release of all protesters arrested.
2.  Justice for all decreased victims of police brutality and adequate compensation of their families.
3. Set up independent body to oversee the investigation and prosecution of all reports of police misconduct.
4.  Psychological evaluation and training of all disbanded ex-SARS officers.
5. Increase in police salary so they can be adequately compensated for protecting lives and properties of citizens.

These are not too much to ask for, right? I pray God guides our leaders right and help them to do what’s right.
© Adeleke Adeite

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End Police Brutality Now

Our voices will be heard loud and clear, our ‘friends’ are now the foes we fear. The ‘force’ that should protect our lives and properties has become the catalyst of chaos and casualties.

We won’t sit back and watch brutality bloom in our garden, we can’t stand down and watch innocent lives killed, and justice trodden.

We have a vibrant voice, and we certainly have a choice. We will not be silent, yet we won’t be violent. We will not be slack when our gatekeepers kill and kidnap our future leaders in broad daylight, but cuddle and collude with lawbreakers at night.

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My soul screams, my spirit cries. Mad men without dreams should not steal sleep from dreamers’ eyes. No policeman should lurk like a predator to innocent citizens. Policing should not be about tormenting and terrorizing honest citizens.

So let my voice be heard…

I don’t want to die young,
not by being killed by a rogue.
I have not done anything wrong
by living my best life – in vogue.

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I am a sacred soul you should protect,
don’t plunder my fundamental rights.
You are free to question a suspect
without putting a soul to flight.

If you truly are the citizen’s friend,
let it reflect in your cooperation.
This incessant brutality must end,
show max civility in your operation.

You are trained to maintain order,
Policing should not be ferocious.
Don’t contribute to civil disorder,
Why plunder what’s pure and precious?

The innocent lives you have slain
are crying out for justice and serenity.
You can’t slay another soul in vain,
So let’s instantly end police brutality.

©Adeleke Adeite 2020