A Letter To My Future Wife

Dear future wife, most people believe that marriage is an achievement,
But something in me puts fulfillment above achievement
Millennials are making me to think that marriage is out of fashion
because it’s also an achievement to buy a car and own a mansion

Pardon me if I am approaching you wrongly
But if I ever get to meet you and believe in you strongly
Then it’s certain that you are a helper sent from above.
Because I have once given up on this thing called love,

I am a man of many shades, shades of faith, failures and fears,
If your heart can hear me, there are tales behind tears
Life has thrown at me its many stumbling stones,
I have seen battles and betrayals worse than game of thrones.

I threw my past at you so you can appreciate the man I have become
I want to see if will still open your arms and give me a warm welcome
after you have seen my all past and perfect imperfections
or you will just throw me into another emotional detention.

Dear future wife, I don’t know how other men have treated you,
They may have made you look cheap and cheated on you
But this is what I have to offer your Royal Sweetness
A contract and covenant of love that is pure and priceless.

The truth has tamed my tongue, so I can’t live a lie,
If you deal with me with dishonesty, my desire for you will die
I have decided to be HOT, I mean Honest, Open-minded and truthful.
I believe in hopes and dreams but lies make them dreadful.

We are not going to be couples but best of friends
When we hurt each other, let’s quickly make amends
So be ready to have a family full of laughter and fun
Let’s make our home a paradise where we won’t have to roam or run…
© Adeleke Adeite 2019
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