21 Lessons of 2021

2021 is a year I would consider a defining year for me. I started the year as a homeless and broken man striving to find hope, help, and healing. I went through diverse floods and flames.

At a particular point, I was visiting the hospital frequently till medical bills drained me financially, but through it all, God remained faithful. I lost some vital relationships but I found God in my darkest season, and He introduced me to my true self.

The crushing and pressing of 2021 made me a new wine. I rose from the ashes as pure gold. All thanks to God and the friends who were able to hear the echoes of my silence.

Here are some of the lessons I learned the hard way…

1. Rock bottom is a place of deep discovery and real recovery.

2. Sometimes you feel lost and lonely because God wants you to see Him as your one and only.

3. Be happy to miss those who make your life miserable. Be glad that they showed you that you deserve better.

4. Isolation is one of the greatest preparation for divine manifestation. A seed is buried before it blooms.

5. Sometimes, God allows enemies to surround you because He wants to prepare a table before you in their presence. Don’t focus on the troubles of life, look forward to the ‘table of triumph’.

6. God will sometimes set your comfort zone ablaze so you can move to a growth zone.

7. There is a time to give up, and there is a time to get up and grow up. Giving up is good when it’s done at the right time. We enjoy new beginnings when we enforce necessary endings.

8. Quit! Quit paying attention to the things draining your peace and joy.

9. Two people you must avoid: the people you cannot help and those that can’t help you become a better person. (This has nothing to do with material gains)

10. God can restore wasted years and wipe away fiery tears.

11. Don’t rush into relationships, don’t force friendships. Build yourself to attract valuable and vibrant relationships.

12. Be valuable enough to stand alone. Be responsible enough to attract support.

14. Every season comes with lessons and blessings. Gratitude gives you access to blessings while positive attitude helps you maximize the lessons in every season.

15. Your darkest season may be preparing for your brightest sparkle.

17. You can’t pray away certain pains when you a pregnant with purpose. Prayer will only give you the peace and patience to grow through the painful process.

18. A prosperous life starts with a positive and productive mind.

19. No one owes you anything. You owe yourself everything. Keep growing till you become a magnet of resourceful relationships.

20. You are made to manifest but there are times you need to be hidden in the place of preparation.

21. Your words shape your world. Don’t declare defeat when the fight is still on.
Win with words.

Adeleke Adeite

My new book will be available for download soon. Watch out. Thank you for your support, my dearest friends. I wish you a peaceful and prosperous new year.

Share the lessons that resonate with you in the comment section.

15 thoughts on “21 Lessons of 2021”

  1. A modern prophet, philosopher and warrior…This is my son, Adeleke Adeite. Although we look at life from different perspectives, I can’t help appreciate your feelings and patience.
    “Every season comes with lessons and blessings.” May God always be with you.

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    1. Wow. Mama. I appreciate your accolades and kind words as always. You always melt my heart with your words. I am just a young man who lives to apeak life and spread love. I am glad you love me for who I am irrespective of our different religious beliefs. I love you, always πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  2. πŸ•ŠI rose from the ashes as pure goldπŸ•Š

    This is powerful. You haven’t been around for a ehile, or maybe i just missed your posts. Nonetheless I find it so admirable, that you can remove yourself and address your reality. I’m so happy to read that you came through victorious. I’m in awe of your discipline.
    πŸ•ŠSometimes you feel lost and lonely because God wants you to see Him as your one and only.πŸ•Š

    I return to this one. It resonates with me. Sometimes he just wants you away from the noise, bring you back to yourself and your unique calm, be with it, stay with it and relish it. Live there.
    All 21 are amazing little gems, it feels like they come through the same rock, yet unique.
    Win with your words. So nice to see you again. And i guess we really slipped up in many respects on the isolation, yet it was the overwhelming message for the past two years. There are deep spiritual lessons. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a wonderful 2022.

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    1. Thank you, buddy. Pardon my absence and silence. I lost touch with a lot of friends. I am still discovering the purposes of this season of my life and I am allowing God to work in me.

      Thank you for always being there. I will try to send you a mail soon. Happy new year, Abby πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ₯°πŸ₯°


      1. No you don’t have to excuse yourself. That for me is high-level discipline. And you will find the purpose, hold onto what you found thus. Decisively from within in now embrace the love.
        That’s the best mind set, God will do what is good for all of us.
        This I feel in my bones. What his done for others he can do for you, even if we break our promises and renenge on our resolutions, God does think like us. He is neither a republican nor a Democrat. He isn’t shallow like thay.I really love that lesson of withdrawing.

        Thank you Adeleke, this part of your writing is inspiring, thank you for sharing.
        Have a glorious New Years Eve❀


  3. All of these lessons are so important. I can especially relate to number 8 – quit paying attention to things draining peace and joy. And number 6 comfort zones being a bad thing for growth. Being uncomfortable is the first sign that things need to change. Thanks for sharing these important lessons. Wishing you a wonderful new year.

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  4. These are powerful lessons. I love these words that you wrote “The crushing and pressing of 2021 made me a new wine.” This is what becoming the oil and wine is all about. Thanks for sharing.

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