Revenge and Recovery

A man who keeps walking back to an ugly past should not expect to arrive at a beautiful future.

Life is a perfect place for imperfect people. No matter how loving and caring we are, we sometimes hurt ourselves knowingly or unknowingly.

Some offences are forgivable while some seem to be unforgivable in magnitude. Their impact can be devastating and life-threatening. However, love is still the answer to the questions of every broken heart.

We don’t have to forgive everyone who wrongs us but we need to give ourselves the freedom to live and love again – this is only possible when we forgive. The fact that someone hurt us should not make us stop living our best life.

An offence should not automatically become a death sentence to the offended person.

Some people do not deserve our forgiveness for what they’ve said or done. But if we desire to live in peace and joy, we must choose to make our hearts a paradise where love reigns, and not a prison where we nurse negative emotions.

Don’t stop living your best life because of your worst experience. A flower does not stop blooming because it is planted in dirty soil. Find healing in that hurt. Find meaning in that mess.

Stop cheating yourself, and stop allowing your emotions to cheat you. The time you are using to replay the terrible experiences you’ve had with people can be used to rebuild your life. The time you are using to plan revenge can be used to seek genuine recovery and restoration.

Revenge can bring a false feeling of relief but it will never guarantee complete freedom from pain. Revenge often creates two damaged losers, no one wins eventually. There is no point in being even with an evil person.

Shun the desire to have a tie with a terrible person. Play a better game, win with love. If revenge will bring you recovery, go for it. I just know that you don’t cure headaches by hitting your head hard.

Revenge creates a cycle of rage and resentment while forgiveness creates a fountain of freedom and fulfilment. The choice is yours.

Forgiveness is sometimes a hard choice to make when the wound is still fresh and painful, but with patience, prayers and intentional pursuit of peace, it becomes easier to forgive.

Today, submit your heart to God in prayers, seek His love and let Him take care of the pains that time can not heal. Seek counselling and therapy if need be. Don’t keep sinking in self-pity and hopelessness. There is more for your life.

Finally, remember that looking good, living a better life and loving yourself more is the best revenge. Seek the best revenge!

Hey friends, I have not been publishing my writings for a while because I’ve been recuperating and I’m in a process of career transition. I missed you all.

How do you deal with offences and offenders? Please share in the comment section.

11 thoughts on “Revenge and Recovery”

  1. Submit your heart, that’s always the first step to diffuse the anger or hurt and allow the balm of forgiveness can have it’s way.
    ■Revenge can bring a false feeling of relief but it will never guarantee complete freedom from pain.■

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  2. Dear Adeleke, I had many disappointment in life, I met many cruel people, even they hurt me badly. I took revenge sometimes like thinking eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. At the end I found a better way to deal with that kind of people. It’s ignoring them. I dismiss them. I send them to God of theirs. I let them to drown in their own shit. I’ll keep on my way and I will never forgive nor forget. I know this is a harsh piece of writing. I only wanted to share my feelings with you.
    I love you son, keep on writing those things.

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    1. Dear ma, thank you for sharing this beautiful thought. There is nothing harsh about your comment. We all have different views about life, love and forgiveness. Some experiences tend to reshape our perspectives and it’s okay.

      It’s good we find a way to always seek peace and live in love. I try to love myself a lot more and love others a little bit more. We have more love and forgiveness to give when we love ourselves more.

      I love you, mom.

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