As Simple as ABC

One of the easiest lies to tell is “I AM FINE.” A lot of people have this statement as an autoresponder whenever they are asked how they are doing. Some folks try hard to hide their pains because they are tired of being a burden to their friends and family.

Right now you could be working with someone who has lost everything and trying hard not to lose hope. Watch your actions and reactions around them.
Be sensitive.

Right now, you could be standing next to someone who is broke and broken yet trying hard not to become complete wreckage. Whatever you do, do it with compassion.
Be considerate.

Right now, you could be driving beside someone, who is dealing with secret storms yet trying hard not to give up. Whatever you do, do it with tolerance.
Be patient.

This hour, you could be sitting next to someone who doing their best not to drown in the ocean of depression. Whatever you say, say it with kindness.
Be compassionate.

Today, you could be waiting in line behind someone striving to heal from a terrible heartbreak or dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. Whatever you say, say it with love
Be empathetic.

Speak the language of love and light over everyone. Let peace and patience guide your activities and interactions. Everyone is at different levels of life, fighting different devils.

We don’t know what someone is struggling with, we don’t know how close they are to giving up completely. Hence, we need to look at everyone through the lens of tolerance and kindness.

We sometimes need to pay attention to the plight of others and do all we can to dispense hope, healing and happiness to them.
You don’t know how much a simple compliment, a hug, a smile or an encouraging text would do to help someone recover from a life-threatening experience.

Spread kindness everywhere, be an anchor to sinking souls.
Dispense compliments generously, be a fountain of healing to thirsty souls.

Love out loud, be a blissful balm to bleeding souls around you.

Be generous with hugs, they have healing powers.
Sprinkle sweet smiles intentionally, they are communicable.

In a world where you can be anything, choose to be affectionate, blissful and cheerful. I think that’s as simple as ABC.

© Adeleke Adeite

16 thoughts on “As Simple as ABC”

  1. ♡Today, you could be waiting in line behind someone striving to heal from a terrible heartbreak or dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. whatever you say, say it with love
    Be empathetic.♡

    A timely note,
    Be generous with me today dear poet. I just loss two cousins within hours of each other. They were sisters.
    Pray for us. Everyone is hurting so much.
    I’m relieved I could express it here and that you wouldn’t mind under this note

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    1. Darling Abby. I am so sorry. I can’t imagine what you’re feeling, but I am totally here for. I’m sending you virtual hugs. Let me know how I can reach you directly.

      I pray that God will comfort your family.


      1. Thank you, I’m so happy that you of all the poets wrote tonight and I am able to share in this way.
        I appreciate the hugs.
        I’m in shock over the events of the day.
        I can’t explain it, neither my feelings. Two souls, so close to each other within in hours of one another just slipped away, leaving behind their whole life story, and how it affects us those left behind in different ways.

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          1. Yes, it was so sudden, one after the other
            A shock wave ran through the family, losing two central pillars who sustained generations….and losing them on the same day.
            Thank you for your kind words Adeleke.

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          1. Yes, my maternal cousins. A few years older than me. I had to spend my school holidays with them in the country as a child.
            Most of my adult life I lived far away from them, but in a time of need they rocked up.

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          1. I desire to write with the same ink you are using. I actually started out yesterday before receiving the news. Found a fresh feather in the path of my morning walk. It must’ve just fallen before I reached there. Instantly i felt there is a message from heaven.

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  2. God gave the final consecration to our covenant,
    not separation, only transformation is death!
    Lifted up into the light I see all misery
    and all the happiness that the earth offered us,
    As a light image on a golden ground.

    The blossoming will soon be over, autumn is approaching.
    All the best and warmest greetings, Gisela

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