Many verses ,one universe.

The brightest atmosphere is the one with different specks of sparkles,daylight and twilight cascading diversity.Autumn and winter, spring and summer,exquisite expression of nature’s multiplicity.Nightwalkers and daydreamers, go-getters and sweet talkers,exceptional energies expressed differently. All men relish the rarity of the rainbow,It epitomises the splendour of diversity,with different shades of grace and glamoursuspended in grey and […]

Many verses ,one universe.

4 thoughts on “Many verses ,one universe.”

  1. Dear Adeleke,
    the source of the arts is also the source of all love. Love is the urge for oneness. When man has become one with the universe, he has attained oneness. Then he has returned home and lives in God. Man is the purpose and completion of all visible creation.

    Thank you for the uplifting verses. I wish you a good time. Best regards, Gisela

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