Twitter Ban: Fraternizing a Forlorn Fate – A Poem

The Nigerian government has indefinitely suspended Twitter two days after the social media giant removed a post by the nation’s president, Muhammadu Buhari.

The news of the ban was greeted with baseless banters and slight outrage with a touch of social media ‘cruise’. This has left many people wondering if this nation still the giant of Africa or the groaning ant of Africa.

I wonder if this generation is still a ‘woke’ generation or a joke. Are we not seeing the signs of a impending implosion or we just want to remain indifferent in the face of wordless violence from the people in power?

In my pain, I wrote this, hoping that we will wake up and tame the looming disaster.

Voices of reason are now in chains,
freedom floats in the pool of pains.
This social theatrics is beyond tragic,
banning Twitter is beyond comic.
Hell set this fire with fragrant smoke
it seems like a joke but will finally choke.
Evil men are seriously strategizing
simpletons are smiling and slumbering.
When injustice invades your oasis,
it comes with a consignment of crisis.
Hope shrinks when you have no voice,
justice sinks when you have no choice.
How far is too far for bleeding stars?
wounded soldiers with medals of scars,
how long will you sit still in your shackles?
how long will you accept tricky tackles?
Wake up before it’s too late,
stop fraternising this forlorn fate.
March against the forces of darkness,
speak up before they make you voiceless,
let the sounds of deliverance reverberate,
The time is now, let light and hope escalate
© Adeleke Adeite

What’s your take on this?

15 thoughts on “Twitter Ban: Fraternizing a Forlorn Fate – A Poem”

    1. My exact thought too.

      Whenever Africans say that the world is watching, I wish they understand that the world is burning and blurred with the smoke of injustice and economic crises.
      Every nation is fighting unique fires. No one except us can save us.

      Thank you for sharing this. ✌✌✌🤗🤗

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  1. People have lost their sense of humility and The world is watching without trying to make an difference everyone is waiting on someone to do something No one is willing to take the initiative and do what is right and Africa is slowly becoming pathetic
    Sending love and light out🙏♥️
    Adeleke Your work is amazing i was foing through your blog post am inspired am hoping ro learn much from you and everyone here on WordPress 🙏🙏

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  2. I wish not to deflect from the poem
    The truth is we have to go inward as you so clearly portrayed, Nigeria is out of hand.
    I from my part failed miserably to keep up with what is going on in the country. I need to get a clearer picture. On newspaper articles there is almost no comnents or next to nothing. And now twitter is banned

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  3. Honestly it’s very sad to see what’s happening with free speech in Nigeria. I love your poem and your words hit all the necessary points. Well done for using your platform to raise awareness about what’s going on.

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  4. Really good presentation of the situation. Good metamorphoses like giant/ant, woke/ joke. What a poetic expression. You’re grate.
    On the other hand, we are living the same issues unfortunately. I hope everything will be fine.

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