The Uniqueness of You – A Poem

You are not a biological accident,
there’s a purpose for your existence.
None of us is a superficial experiment,
everything about us brews excellence.

More than a bag of flesh, blood and bones,
there is a drop of divinity in your heart.
Never to be traded like gemstones,
you are God’s priceless work of art.

The true reflection of your beauty
is the smile you put on someone’s face.
The true measure of your prosperity
is how you make the world a better place.

You’re here to happen, don’t just occupy space,
dare to spread love in all spheres…
Your life is garnished with great grace,
use your allure to shift atmospheres.

You are designed to demystify divinity,
live humbly and make God proud.
You are made to amplify humanity,
live cheerfully and love out loud.

Death is not life’s greatest tragedy,
but a life lived with its true purpose.
To feature in life’s greatest tragicomedy
is to live pursuing another man’s purpose.

No one is better or worse than you,
your deftness and defects divinely align.
Appreciate the uniqueness of you,
everything about you is God’s design.
Β© Adeleke Adeite

I believe that everyone is born for a purpose and we all dispense different flavours and colours of divinity. Have you figured out your flavour? What makes you unique? Please share in the comment section.

41 thoughts on “The Uniqueness of You – A Poem”

  1. I think I’m just an accident of love. I’m the seventh child of my parents. I remember that they don’t love us much. They always confused us, our names, our ages.
    No matter why I was born, I lived happily and made people happy. That should be my divine reason to exist. πŸ˜‚

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    1. I told myself today that I know that I didn’t come from a healthy family, but a healthy family must come from me.

      I won’t allow the darkness and bitterness of my background to steal the brightness and sweetness of my future. I will live my best life.

      Look at you now, mom. You are a beautiful soul spreading sweetness everywhere. You don’t look like what you went through as a child. You’ve outgrown the predicament of your past.

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  2. Oh I love this line too
    ‘dare to spread love in all spheres…’
    And believe you me, well I think you know how people fight love. Love can only be loved if it comes in their own colour

    Wonderful musings Adeite, it really brought joy to my heart.
    What makes me unique, it may sound cliche since I don’t have a horse, yet in a unique way I’m a warrior. Not for every battle, there are others.

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    1. You are not just a warrior Abb, you are a winner. You won my heart with the beauty of your soul.

      Your sweetness is your sword. Your wisdom is your weapon. Thank you for always blessing my blog with the beauty of your soul.

      I trust you are doing great today, buddy.

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              1. Oh you didn’t get it friend. Well I think you have to approve my comment. Well click comment options see there friend. I think you can find my comment on there.


  3. “The true reflection of your beauty
    is the smile you put on someone’s face.
    The true measure of your prosperity
    is how you make the world a better place.”

    This paragraph struck me a lot.
    I believe that true beauty is not only physically…but the generous heart people portray together people.

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