Trading Tears and Facing Fears

When our hearts are filled with tears
and our spirits stifled with guilt and fears.
God is always there to see us through;
His peace and love are timeless and true.

When bright days get dark and deary
and we seem to get weak and weary;
God is always ready to see us through,
His grace and light are limitless and true.

When sin and sorrow sting our souls,
and blunders make us blind to our goals.
God is always there to see us through;
His mercies are matchless and true.

When it’s hard to stand and understand
why life sometimes feels like quicksand
God is always there to see us through,
His strength in us priceless and true.

Trade your tears and face your fears
God loves, sees, knows and hears…
Go borrow vessels, not a few
God’s provision is matchless and true

Arise and look within, God lives in you,
Even if You can’t feel it, He stands by you.
No matter what like takes you through,
God’s promises are timely and true.

© Adeleke Adeite

Hey friends, thank you for reading this. I’ve been feeling low for quite some time now, I found strength in the promises of God and His power to perform every promise.

What do you draw strength from whenever you feel lost, limited and lonely?

20 thoughts on “Trading Tears and Facing Fears”

    1. Thank you, Sally. I trust you are doing great today.

      Yes dear sister-in-Christ.
      God’s strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.
      There will be downtimes and dark days, but God’s love and light will be there to direct and protect us… His love never fails, His light always prevails.

      Be blessed 🤗🤗🤗

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  1. Beautiful poem, taking refuse in God is one of my strengths now, I was in a dark place but the book by Norman Vincent peale which is ‘the power of postive thinking’ helped me a lot, it connects you to your higher self.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your story, Malaika. 🤗

      God is our anchor in every stormy tide. We only need to trust and hold onto His hands. He is mighty to save.

      I trust your day is going great.


  2. What a wonder working work, hymning praises to God
    “Arise and look within, God lives in you”
    Powerful, and what’s even more amazing, more and more are coming out and speaking out loud “Arise and look within, God lives in you”

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  3. Lieber Adeleke, Sünden sind Erfahrungen, die jeder Mensch machen muss, um den richtigen Weg zu finden. So wird ein Irrweg zum Erkenntnisweg.
    Trauer habe ich schon oft empfunden. Meine Familie existiert nicht mehr. Mein jüngster Sohn starb Ende 2019. Es war ein Schock. Ca. 6 Wochen vor seinem Tod träumte ich davon, dass er fortgehen muss. Ich erwachte mit einem lauten Schrei. Das war das Schlimmste, denn er war mein Lieblingsmensch, mein Vertrauter. Ich bekam einige Träume, die mir zeigten, dass ich beruhigt sein soll. Mein Sohn hatte sich hier auf dieser Welt nicht wohlgefühlt. Er war dunkelhäutig und wurde deshalb von meiner Familie nicht akzeptiert.
    Nun ist seine Seele auf einer Ebene, die ich im Traum besuchen durfte. Er fühlt sich wohl und lebt dort mit Tieren, die er immer schon liebte. Wir haben uns lange im Traum umarmt, bevor ich ging. Das war Silvester 2020/2021, als ich im Krankenhaus lag. Da wusste ich, es gibt keine Toten, nur Lebende. Gott ist ein Gott des Lebens. Genauso wie es in der Bibel steht. Der Traum hat mich beruhigt. Gott lässt mich nicht alleine. Auch, wenn mein Sohn mit einem schwarzen Panther spielt, brauche ich nichts zu fürchten.

    Gottes Segen für Dich! Ich hoffe, es geht Dir bald besser.
    Herzliche Grüße

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  4. I am sorry for your loss and I am glad that you’ve found comfort in the fact that your son lives on, on the other side of life.

    I was touched by your comment and after reading your poem, I can only say that you are a signature of strength
    and spiritual stamina.

    You find solace in the strangest acts of God. You are a great man, Gisela.

    Your love for God and your faith in Him are virtues to be coveted.
    Stay strong, papa!

    We love you!

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    1. Problems are part of the package of success because success is a sum of all the problems we can solve over time.

      If we must be successful, we must solve problems, and if we must solve problems, we must face our fears.

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