An Affirmation a Day

A affirmation a day
keeps anxiety at bay.
Speak life over yourself every day
Enjoy victory all the way.
Get Whispers of Winners today.

21 thoughts on “An Affirmation a Day”

  1. Absolutely, affirmation is an authentic daily discipline.
    Lead us when we are in temptation and deliver us from evil. Those voices come to destroy us. The ego and the devil combined are devastating to the mind.

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    1. I love your perspective, Abigail 😍.

      I think that to silence those voices of hopelessness, we should charge up the atmosphere around us with positive affirmations.

      When we speak life and peace, every form of despair and darkness disappears.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Abby. I trust you are doing great today.

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    1. Thank you, Shazzy. The link to get my first book, Whispers of Winners is in this post. Thank you for asking.

      I believe that we all should program the atmosphere around our lives to attract positive vibes. Either through positive affirmations or positive thoughts.


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