Hey friends, say hello to my first collaboration with my friend from S.A. Theodore Ndlovu

Love lives in the ocean.curing all bad moods,the waves wiping away worries,the waters seasoning every soul,Love is an endless expanse of wonderradiating with its vastness,a mysterious passion it is.It stretches across the horizon,and kisses eternal shorelines. Love lives in the sky.weaving a story through the subtle clouds.fabricating a newly discovered picture within seconds. Love lives […]


24 thoughts on “WHERE IS LOVE?”

  1. The architecture of love and all its abodes are wonderfully portrayed.

    *Love lives here*
    Thinking about the whereabouts of love, that is my favorite phrase….

    Wishing you a soft sunbaked April.

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    1. Liebe ist alles, was Gott ist. Gottes Liebe ist endlos, rücksichtslos und übertrieben. es übersteigt das menschliche Verständnis.
      Ich wünsche Ihnen ein tolles Osterfest, mein Freund.

      Mit Liebe, Adeleke

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