Born to Bloom

They buried us in unmarked graves,
We turned the graves into gardens.
We are not dead slaves
but sacred seeds buried to bloom.

We were thrown into the fire
but we came out with sparkles.
We are not a complete wreckage
but nascent gems with crinkles.

We were pressed and crushed,
we bled and became exotic wine.
Painful processes we endure
knowing that we were born to bloom.

A lot of things seem to have drained life out of many people this year: pandemic, protests, politics, police brutality, loses, looting, lockdown, mental health challenges, fear of failure, fear of success and other strange storms that featured in this movie called 2020.

I have a feeling that a lot of people have given up on the year already. However, there is another group of people who believe that 2020 is their year of boom, bloom, bliss and boon. My friends, no matter how the year has been, I want you to know that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s an opportunity to succeed. War is not the absence of peace but an avenue to attain victory.

Don’t allow fear and frustration deny you of the beauty and blessings within and around you. Dare to sing, smile and celebrate your small wins…

Relax, reflect, rejoice & raise your voice in appreciation, being alive is a big win. Happy new month!
Β© Adeleke Adeite

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Kindly share your views about this year in the comment section. What’s your biggest lesson and blessing in 2020?

34 thoughts on “Born to Bloom”

    1. I await it’s delivery, dear.

      2020 has been in labour for months, I just want it to delivery joy, hope, blessings and happiness before it departs.

      The year cannot just take do much from us and go that way. We should get some indemnity/returns.

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  1. Your poetry is loaded with vitamins and supplements. An exalted narrative. Beautifully birthed taking a long view of history.
    We were all in the woods, some didn’t make it, others still have one foot there, I pray that thousands are coming through. It’s extremely difficult for many to say 2020 was not in vain.
    It’s been a tough year for the patriarch and the matriarch and mostly for the orphan headed households. Corona and yet the world remained ravaged by war. History made and recorded in split of a second. An unprecedented year. Everything about our lives have changed. I’m thankful to have a friend in Jesus and the good book by my side. My saving Graces throughout the year. At times I couldn’t believe that I am still standing. The downhill was a roller coaster and the uphill a battle of a challenge, but thank God we managed to get up, sticking together and lifting each other high, being there for one another, love carried us on her shoulders, these are my most beautiful blooms, to herald in December.
    Happy New Month.
    Thank you for the inspiration, reflections and encouragement.

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    1. Words are cords, they bind souls. Words can also be swords, they can break souls.

      Words are pills, they heal. Words can be poisons too, they can kill.

      If the right words are spoken in the right manner with the right mission, life becomes more beautiful.

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  2. Reblogged this on Bio-Blogger and commented:
    Life is to live and move forward wherever it plants us. We need to grow through with what we go through. Though life seemrd draining in 2020 due Pandanic, I thank God for protecting us with all his blessings and bringing the life to normality. For me the year is boom and bloom as I was able to manage my job at home safely taking care of my 2 year old Kid. I have gained the strength from the pain while I was missing my Kid during work at office. I strongly believe it’s all the Glory of the God!

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  3. Illness, death, economic and political instability, hatreds, fears…2020 brought many curses!

    I try to count my blessings. Adding this blog to my website 6 months ago has helped to alleviate isolation, get valuable feedback on my writing, and get to meet some very kind, like-minded people.

    This terrible time teaches us to draw on our inner resources, develop our minds, and feed our souls. We can become less superficial and learn to value the really important things. We can become more empathetic and appreciate the people in our lives.

    Thank you, Adeleke, for a thought-provoking post! πŸ™‚

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    1. Yes, Cheryl. There are a lot of things to be grateful for, only if we become thoughtful enough to perceive the blessings and beautiful things around us.

      I am glad you are able to maximize the lockdown for connection and influence.
      Every pain has its gains. Every storm comes with lessons and blessings. We need to train our minds to recognize and appreciate the many blessings that our eyes may not see.

      Thanks for your amazing feedback. πŸ’•

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    1. You are right, Cindy.

      Our perception of situations determines our attitude and reality.

      Gratitude is a function of a positive viewpoint. While some focus on the pandemic – which is the normal thing to do, others focus on the blessings of the pandemic.

      Being grumpy is the result of a negative perspective, while gratitude is the result of a positive perspective. I am glad you chose the latter.
      Life is beautiful, only those who blissful hearts relish the beauty always.

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  4. “Don’t allow fear and frustration to deny you of the beauty and blessings within and around you.” You are so right, Adeleke. It’s silly to allow our thoughts to dwell on the negative when God provides so MUCH beauty and blessing around us. Just today I enjoyed the blessing of a beautiful deer eating acorns in our backyard. Yesterday was a cozy, cloudy Candle Day (dreary weather begs for cheerful candlelight!), and the day before we enjoyed the first snowfall of the season. Every day there is beauty and blessing!

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    1. Thank you, Nancy.
      I am happy this piece reminded you of the many beauties and blessings of life that we need to focus more on.

      Our reality is often shaped by the things we pay attention to. If our minds are filled with thoughts of victories, blessings, peace, love and joy, and we let these positive energies reflect in our actions, our lives become more blessed and beautiful.

      Yesterday, I was able to mentor two young ladies about their career prospects. I was glad to see the smiles of hope of their faces. They came to me confused but left with sprinkles of assurance.
      This year is not all gloomy, it has its many blessings.

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  5. Such a beautiful, inspiring, and assuring poem and message. Well done Adel! I always enjoy reading your blogs, never fail to inspire me and touch my heart. 2020 has a lot of downside, but from its downside we realized and learned many things. Most especially the importance of life and our family. There is nothing permanent in this world thus, we should value and appreciate who we have and what we have in our lives. And most of all always give thanks to the Lord for all His wonderful blessings, guidance and forgiveness.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Flourence.

      A lot of times we think that we are going through storms but in God’s eyes, we are growing through the storm.

      We only need to pay attention to the lessons and not the loses. This is a year I learnt that the storms of life is where strength and stability are born and it’s in the furnace of life that beauty and brightness are born.

      We often becomee what we believe.


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