Maximise the Moment

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Stop magnifying your mistakes.
You are not a total wreckage.
Stop being haunted by heartbreaks.
You are still a complete package.

You are an expression of God.
A matchless and priceless work of art.
Don’t be deterred by life’s rod.
Love looms still in your broken heart.

Flaunt your faith, floor your fears.
God’s promises are timely and true.
Crush confusion, tame your tears.
Your best days are ahead of you.

You are made to manifest.
Refuse to be boxed into a corner.
You are created for conquest.
Storm the stage of life like a winner.

Life is an ocean of opportunities.
Sail steadily, flow with the current.
Life is a potpourri of possibilities.
Strive to maximise the moment.

© Adeleke Adeite

Feel free to Fly Again

Feel free to speak again
Speak the language of love and light
Tell despair and darkness to take flight
Declare victory over pressure and pain.

Feel free to ignite yourself
Bond with your body, soul and spirit.
Tell them you are too capable to quit
Herald the birth of your undaunted self.

Feel free to cruise with ease
Whisper to the wind and the waves
Tell them you have no place in caves
Explore the world with joy and peace.

Feel free to dream out loud
Seize the future with a receptive heart
Maximize the moment, it’s a work of art
Use your smidgens to make God proud.

Feel free to fly again
Speak to the forces of failure and fear
Tell them to cave in, the coast is clear
You’ve come too far to travail in vain.

© Adeleke Adeite

November New-No

To enjoy new beginnings,
you must enforce necessary endings.

November bellows, “it’s the 11th-month lovelies!” Congratulations to those who are celebrating their birthday, wedding anniversary and other achievements this month. Feel free to send me invites. I love celebrations.

2020 has been a year with many highs and lows, ebb and flow, yeses and nos. Regardless, the clock and the calendar keep clicking. 

No one is rich enough to purchase the past, and no one forfiets the future because of poverty. Choice is a generally accepted medium of exchange in the market of life. You can’t change the past ten months but you can choose what the last two months of 2020 will birth for you (not how it will be).

Whatever the atmosphere may be wherever you are, I want to invite you to start a journey to newness by speaking life over yourself this month. Say “NO” to anything that breaks you down, and “YES” to the everything that will build you up. Here are my wishes for you this month.

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© Adeleke Adeite

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section and let me know if you are celebrating something special this month.