Thoughtful and Thankful

Appreciation is not merely an alluring attitude, it’s an application for more allocation.

Hurray! It’s the season for gratitude, giving, and gathering with a lot of turkeys to grab and grub. It may feel like there is nothing much to be grateful for because of the man twists and turns of 2020.  Your Thanksgiving celebration plans might be a bit different because of Covid, you don’t need a masterplan to make a masterpiece...

Whether you’ll be celebrating with your family or maybe you’ll be spending the holiday all by yourself.
Don’t let the lockdown make your frown, do all you can to reflect, relax and rejoice. It’s Thanksgiving! 

Amid the strange storms I have face this year, what is there to be thankful for?

I am thankful for many things: I published my first book this year, I had my biggest financial breakthrough ever, though I was betrayed by a friend and I lost everything.Β Rock bottom becamee a place of discovery and recovery for me. I now spend more time to read and engage in personal development programs. I am still believing God for rest, restoration and compensation, but I am thankful for His love, light and all the blessings of life.

I am particularly thankful for new friends and family on WordPress. You all sprinkle loads of sweetness with your warm words. I decided to share my Thanksgiving poem with y’all since I can’t share some grilled turkey with you due to social distancing (winks).

Thank You Lord

For the beauty that eyes cannot see,
For the blessings of glow and glee
For life’s bliss so fill and free
Thank You, dear God.

For yearly doses of hope and delight,
For daily loads of love and light,
For tranquil desires at twilight,
Thank You, dear God.

For the strength to run life’s race,
For smiles garnished with grace
For warmth in every embrace.
Thank You, dear God.

For lifted spirits during the lockdown,
for converting every cross to crown,
For raising us when we fall,
Thank You, dear God.

For sunlight and refreshing raindrops
For sweetness wrapped in teardrops,
For the harvest of cash and crops,
Thank You, dear God.

For good health in Covid-19 pandemic,
For meals that heal and life’s tonic,
For saving us from pain and panic,
Thank You, dear God.

Β© Adeleke Adeite

Happy Thanksgiving friends.

What are you thankful for?

29 thoughts on “Thoughtful and Thankful”

  1. Oh I savour each word and thought. Thank you for sharing your 2020 journey so far, there is so much to take home to enjoy. I hope you are enjoying your Turkey.
    I feel extremely blessed upon reading your Thanksgiving prayer.
    For converting every cross to a crown, God is steadfast and faithful.
    Thank you, dear God.
    It’s so wonderful to have a personal relationship with God and to encounter amazing and beautifully structured poetic prayers full of grace, gratitude and love of the Lord.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving within the circle of you family and friends.

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    1. Our faith is the force that keeps us sailing in stormy seas, we need to always keep it strong.

      Thank you for always speaking hope, spreading love and sprinkling sweetness here.

      I seem to have lost everything but I am holding tight to my trust and faith in God, with these, I have everything.

      Be blessed, Akshita. πŸ’›πŸ’›

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    1. Thank you, my brother, Kinge.

      God’s blessings often come through raindrops and teardrops. I am learning to live more by faith and not by my feelings. It is very enriching and empowering not to be driven by emotions and tough situations.

      I am thankful for the loss, I see it as a lesson that is preparing me for divine lifting…

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  2. Thanks for sharing this it’s been a tough year indeed but I am forever greatful for the mere fact that i am still alive today. Sorry to hear about what you went through. Thank God you came out the other side and you’re wiser now too. We learn from these kind of situations i also went through a similar situation this year and i just had to let go and fogive. I am still recovering financially now.

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    1. Thank you, IBK for your being empathetic.

      Trusting and thanking God through thick and thin is one of the ways to lead a fulfilling life. Every pain has a purpose. However, we have a choice to either grow through pain or grieve through it.
      Loses can be a lesson, leverage or a limiting force, depending on our disposition.

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    1. Congratulations, Lafieta. I am so happy for you.

      This is good news. God works in mysterious ways. He chooses to show up and shower rain of blessings on us, just to shatter our fears and sharpen our faith.

      Some blessings come in packages of pleasant surprises. I am glad your year has blessed and beautiful, I pray you continue to enjoy multiple miracles this season and beyond IJN.


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