A Man’s Mandate – A Poem

The future is female,
I wish we can all get there.
Some say “All men are scum”,
forgetting how we all got here.

Every man did feel
the warmth of an unseen womb,
the salinity of teardrops
and the terror of an unknown tomb.

Every man should feel
the substance of scarcity
and the pains of a pauper
in search of economic security.

Every man would feel
the eagerness to be a hero
in another man’s story
at the risk of dying in ground zero.

Every man could feel
the cold hands of duty
pulling him to insure and invest
in folks with whom he has no affinity.

If a man could choose
to heal the world and hurt his soul,
without batting an eyelid
this would be his greatest goal.

Not a scum, he is a son,
a seed nursed in alluring arms.
He is a father, uncle and brother
created to be charged by charms.
Β© Adeleke Adeite

Happy International Men’s day to all the good, great and graceful men out there.

I hope this poem inspires you to say something nice about the men in your life…

52 thoughts on “A Man’s Mandate – A Poem”

    1. I am glad that you have a positive impression of the men in your life.

      I strongly believe that your impression is an expression of your inner beauty, not necessarily a function of the traits of the men in your life – which I believe is worthy of applause.

      Feel free to share this post with them.

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    1. You are right, Theodore. Every woman reminds me rainbow, a display of beauty and bliss.
      I have always believed that men and women are unique versions of humanity, and as they say, variety is the spice of life.
      Each gender is an expression of God.

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  1. Beautifully written men are an equal part to the changes we are undertaking. Women do not have the handle of everything as they think. The changes have to include men and their feelings too, they are not heartless scum as many women would see it. These woman power trolls. I see the value of what the men feel and do. Men are working through the inner changes just like the women but do not make a big song and dance of what it is they are trying to achieve. Bless all the men who are doing good and their best to support the changes we need.

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    1. This is an in-depth view, my friend.

      I am an advocate of gender sensitivity and not gender equality, All men are not equal. There are some roles that women play better and there are some roles that man play better. There is no point trying to be equal when you have a comparative or absolute advantage in a certain field.

      Everyone is uniquely configured to be versatile, vibrant and vulnerable. We all need each other. I agree with you. I don’t hold briefs for any gender, I believe that both men and women are weak and imperfect. There is no point engaging in gender wars.

      You share the sentiment of dignified and honourable men.

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      1. I agree with you not all men or women are good and we do have our unique ways of working. We all have our part to play on this earth. I do not hold any beliefs for any gender either. We all have to pull together to resolve the issues on our Earth.

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  2. I don’t know how i missed this important celebration, we are almost at the close of our day. Happy international men’s day. I agree!!! we hardly affectionately give attendance to the important role men play in our lives, in most cases our go-to persons, our sons and our nephews, the beautiful friendships we have in man, husbands, lovers, counsellors and carers, the joy and the smiles they put on our faces as they bravely go out there to face a difficult day and the great efforts they invest in each day to lighten our paths and clear the way. We see and appreciate the simple and lovely things they do to brighten up the home, always bringing manly warmth and cosy home, to make us laugh and the way they look right into our hearts, hold us warm and tight, the way they tell us how much they love us and all the heartfelt tender love they give us. We recognise that without them we could not live in this world. So we give thanks for all the wonderful men in our lives. May God richly bless you Adeleke Adeite as you walk in your mandate. May you be sheltered and protected as you attend to your missionβ™₯️

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    1. Your comment is a masterpiece, Abrv.

      I am trying to relish the beauty locked in each line.

      We have been made to believe that a man’s main mandate is to be a provider and protector. His strength should not be used to oppose or oppress others (men or women).

      I don’t always want to label man as a gender but a version of humanity built with greater courage and capacity to provide and protect, while a woman is a version of humanity wired with greater capacity to pamper and preserve…
      No gender is absolutely superior to the other. We all are souls in search of the meaning of life.

      You shared a lot of fundamental facts, my friend.

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  3. “Every man did feel
    the warmth of an unseen womb,
    the salinity of teardrops
    and the terror of an unknown tomb.” …… what can I say, I was blown away by your words… sheer magnificence!!!!!

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  4. A good piece although I disagree with your thoughts about men. At least for the most of them don’t deserve to be accepted like the way you wrote. They are potential danger for many kinds of violence. Even the closest ones. (The one I trusted, my father, left me an unhealable trauma. The other one, my husband broke my trust, betrayed me.) In my country each year nearly five hundred women are killed, raped or tortured by men.
    Why don’t we talk about these? This world is already men’s world. Even we were taught God is a father. We are conditioned to think like that. No, I don’t give good marks to your heroes. I give zero to these cheap heros, although I met some good guys like you.

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    1. I am so sorry about your experiences with some of the men in your life, mama. You are a strong woman and I believe that you gained more strength from those bitter experiences.

      I have had sad experiences with people too, my father maltreated us ( I and my siblings ) and my mother. God helped me to forgive him and also learn from those experiences. I see his life as a tale of caution, and I have made up my mind to be a better man.
      We disagree to agree, ma. Every perspective matters in art and life. Our worldview is a function of our experiences, culture and exposure.

      I respect your opinion, ma.

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  5. Great post 😊. Indeed, we all have parts to play to showcase God’s amazing creations. No part is less significant than the other.

    May God reveal to each man and woman their purpose in life so we’ll not get in each other’s way. πŸ™

    Thank you for sharing, Adeleke, and happy belated International Men’s Day

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      1. You are always welcome Adeleke πŸ™‚

        Exactly well said Adeleke. Everyone, despite the gender, is first a human, and so everyone should have the rights as a human for everything…!
        Not a Male or a female thing here.😁

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        1. People miss out on a lot of miracles and blessings because they see people as tags ‘female’, ‘male’, thereby limiting their potentials and purpose. Theree may be roles that are exclusive for each gender by nature but we must not forget that we have equal values before God.

          The holy book says “He created them male and female”, not superior and inferior.

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          1. Exactly Adeleke. Well said one here. Every being should be valued as a human first..! Not a biased judging on the basis of male female thing. Yes, I do agree some things are eventually exclusive here, but let’s not deny the fact, nature may have made some things only to one gender, but we can respect everyone as a human.. right???

            And so the holy book says..! I wish the people ever thought of realising this. It has just become a cruel selfish and patriarchal thing.πŸ˜‘

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            1. That’s a brilliant feedback, Akshita. Culture is dynamic. I hope gender insensitivity gets reduced to the barest minimum or eradicated someday soon.

              Be blessed and stay beautiful, my friend. Have a great day.

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