Authentic Audacity

Everyone is wired to win,
but pain is a part of the package
Everyone is beautiful within,
and every mess passes a message.

2020 has been a year of countless shades of grey and grace for a lot of people around the world. Some folks believe that it’s a year of strange storms that had turned warriors to worms.

My friends, whatever the atmosphere around you looks like, I believe that you will certainly set your emotions in motion to cause a positive shift if you ignite the forces of faith within you. 

The forces of fear will tell you loud lies but it’s up to you to either retreat or reply with timeless truths. Whenever the storms of life and the shadows of death show up to shut you down, be audacious!

Don’t stay silent,
speak to the wind and the waves,
tell them that you are unsinkable.
Speak to fear and failure,
tell them that you are unbeatable.
Speak to sorrow and stress,
tell them that you are unbreakable.
Speak to losses and limitations,
tell them that you are unstoppable.

If you get weak or weary, feel free to rest, reset, re-strategize, relaunch and reach for greatness, but don’t be tempted to quit the quest. You are made to manifest, you are created to conquest.

I am glad to inform you that you are a carrier of authentic audacity, and this kind of audacity often gets amplified by adversity.

Life is scripted to be a potpourri of pains and pleasure. There will be highs and lows, whispers and roars, many many shades of shadow. However, you are a key player in this theatre called life. Your heart is the centre stage and the world is your audience. Everything on earth can hear and heed your commands.

Speak to your storm, and sail steadily. You will win.

Make it a habit to speak victory all the time. I recommend that you get a copy of Whispers of Winners, a compilation of positive affirmations that attract all-around victory.

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© Adeleke Adeite

25 thoughts on “Authentic Audacity”

  1. (Whenever the storms of life and the shadows of death show up to shut you down, be audacious!)
    Powerful encouragement, thank you, – especially when vulnerability sets in and intimidation threatens to throttle one and shame takes hold, tug tug, stretch out, believe, be bold and reach, be audacious in your adversity reach for the hem of the garment..
    Thank you for adding a voice, to guide us how to speak and whisper in these times.

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    1. That particular story reminds us that when the saviour is sleeping and the storm is raging, we are expected to speak…

      It’s also worthy of note that the raging storm did not wake Jesus up but the cries of his disciples did. God is expecting us to speak in faith and stop complaining. He has given us dominion over storms, snakes and scorpions.
      He is with us, His presence should make us calm even in the storm. We have a lot to learn in the storm if we don’t lose faith.


  2. Thank you for this reminder. Indeed a Christian can and must only live by faith. It’s in our hearts that we believe, and with our mouths we confess what we want to see happening in our lives. It starts from the heart.
    Have a blessed Sunday Adeleke.

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    1. Confession precedes possession in the spirit. God spoke the heaven and the hearth into existence. He called forth light, moon, sun, stars, animals, births, trees and water bodies. We have the power to create our reality with authentic audacity.
      You are right, Doris. Thank you, my friend. Do have a super Sunday too.
      Be blessed and stay beautiful.

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  3. All we have to find a way or pave our own road and command our own life by morphing into more authentic version of ourselves. But we search for the light. How long we whistle in the dark doesn’t work.

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    1. Yes, we are in a season where patience, perseverance and a positive mindset will go a long way to prevent mental breakdown and baseless pains.

      We need to encourage and inspire one another to see the beauty of life even when darkness steals the skies and fogs flood our eyes. We need illuminated hearts to capture bliss and blessings.

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