Maximise the Moment

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Stop magnifying your mistakes.
You are not a total wreckage.
Stop being haunted by heartbreaks.
You are still a complete package.

You are an expression of God.
A matchless and priceless work of art.
Don’t be deterred by life’s rod.
Love looms still in your broken heart.

Flaunt your faith, floor your fears.
God’s promises are timely and true.
Crush confusion, tame your tears.
Your best days are ahead of you.

You are made to manifest.
Refuse to be boxed into a corner.
You are created for conquest.
Storm the stage of life like a winner.

Life is an ocean of opportunities.
Sail steadily, flow with the current.
Life is a potpourri of possibilities.
Strive to maximise the moment.

© Adeleke Adeite

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