Feel free to Fly Again

Feel free to speak again
Speak the language of love and light
Tell despair and darkness to take flight
Declare victory over pressure and pain.

Feel free to ignite yourself
Bond with your body, soul and spirit.
Tell them you are too capable to quit
Herald the birth of your undaunted self.

Feel free to cruise with ease
Whisper to the wind and the waves
Tell them you have no place in caves
Explore the world with joy and peace.

Feel free to dream out loud
Seize the future with a receptive heart
Maximize the moment, it’s a work of art
Use your smidgens to make God proud.

Feel free to fly again
Speak to the forces of failure and fear
Tell them to cave in, the coast is clear
You’ve come too far to travail in vain.

© Adeleke Adeite

28 thoughts on “Feel free to Fly Again”

    1. Thank you, Rahj.

      In times like this, we need to lift one another up. The pandemic, panic, pain and pressure in the world calls for a daily dose of inspiration. I pray God continues to help us all to be salt and light.

      Liked by 1 person

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