November New-No

To enjoy new beginnings,
you must enforce necessary endings.

November bellows, “it’s the 11th-month lovelies!” Congratulations to those who are celebrating their birthday, wedding anniversary and other achievements this month. Feel free to send me invites. I love celebrations.

2020 has been a year with many highs and lows, ebb and flow, yeses and nos. Regardless, the clock and the calendar keep clicking. 

No one is rich enough to purchase the past, and no one forfiets the future because of poverty. Choice is a generally accepted medium of exchange in the market of life. You can’t change the past ten months but you can choose what the last two months of 2020 will birth for you (not how it will be).

Whatever the atmosphere may be wherever you are, I want to invite you to start a journey to newness by speaking life over yourself this month. Say “NO” to anything that breaks you down, and “YES” to the everything that will build you up. Here are my wishes for you this month.

For more positive affirmations, get a copy of my book Whispers of Winners” here

ยฉ Adeleke Adeite

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section and let me know if you are celebrating something special this month.

30 thoughts on “November New-No”

            1. Congratulations, Ibukun. I look forward to getting a copy. I do not doubt that it’s going to be a bestseller. You have a way with words that’s beyond captivating.

              Kindly let me know whenever you release the book. I pray God helps you to achieve your goal in due time.


  1. I love your positive posts. I look forward to reading them every day. I plan to make this November a new beginning for me as inspired by your words. Something I have felt like placed me in bondage is coming to an end in November. I’m about to enter a new beginning. Thank you for motivating me.

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    1. I am glad you feel motivated by this, Molly.
      Welcome to your month of new beginnings, my friend. I believe that your life will be more beautiful, blessed and brighter as you switch to positivity.

      Thank you for tweeting my blog post ” Borrow No Sorrow”, it was a huge honour.
      Be blessed and stay safe โค

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cheers to more yeses and positivity this new month. Thank you Adel, for always inspiring us with your positive, uplifting and inspiring words. God bless you always!

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