Borrow No Sorrow

Whether you are on the mountain,
basking in bliss, blessings and beauty
or you feel stuck in the valley of pain,
seeking an exit route out of adversity.

Don’t be defined by your condition,
you are a boundless mobile miracle.
Don’t be deterred by stormy situations,
locate opportunities in every obstacle.

There is a flaming faith inside of you,
it’s potent enough to melt mountains.
There is a balm flowing inside of you,
it’s strong enough to heal intense pains.

Maximize your pain to make a profit,
don’t wallow in worries, it’s pointless.
Stir up the dizzy giants in your spirit,
look up and within, you’re not helpless.

It takes crushing to make a new wine,
see adversity as an added advantage.
It takes burning for the sun to shine,
Pain is part of the colourful package.

Don’t borrow sorrow from tomorrow,
there is a river of joy within you.
The God who provides for the sparrow
places a higher premium on you.
© Adeleke Adeite

51 thoughts on “Borrow No Sorrow”

      1. It takes crushing to make a new wine,
        see adversity as an added advantage.

        These two lines resonated with me the most. A reminder that whenever things are not going my way that there is going to be a lesson from it .. to make me stronger and smarter too.

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        1. You are right, Ibukun. A lot of times, God takes us through tough tests to give us His best.
          What we learn in our downtime often determines what we will earn when the storm is over.

          Thank you for sharing your thoughts,


  1. Borrow no Sorrow!!“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow,
    for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.
    for the day is its own trouble.” -Matthew 6:34-
    One should deal only with the present
    never step into tomorrow,
    For God asks us just to trust Him
    and to never borrow sorrow,💫Beautifully penned 🌻

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      1. Yes, Kevin. Worry is a waste of emotion that keeps the soul in detention. We should remember the depth of God’s love whenever we are tempted to wallow in worries. We also need to constantly study His word to know the truth, so we can be FREE!.

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I am blessed by your contribution.

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      2. I’m glad🤗 .Very true one should not dwell on the past, nor be anxious or worry about the future.For when we are positive and optimistic in the present, we open the possibility of a positive and promising future.
        We owe it to ourselves to make every moment count ! Thank you so much. I wish you gentle winds,soft curves and wonders 🌻

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        1. Thank you, Theodore.
          We need positivity to thrive in a world packed with negativity and adversity.

          Thank you, my friend, I wish you fragrant freshness, soothing sweetness and warm wellness. 🌻🌻🌻 Enjoy your weekend.

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          1. You are welcome Adeleke 🤗
            Very true we need positivity to strive .”Be mindful.Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind”.-Roy T. Bennett-💫……………Thank you so much for the kind words,🥺 “Kind words can be short and easy to speak ,but their echoes are truly endless.”-Mother Teresa- ……..I wish you the same🤗,Stay blessed always ,friend .

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        2. True. Positivity creates a good environment in the present hence possible better future circumstances. As you’ve said, we should make an effort to be positive in each moment.

          Welcome and thanks for the beautiful wishes. May you be filled with peace and joy. 🌻

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  2. Very profound poetic words 👏

    This is my favorite line “There is a flaming faith inside of you,
    potent enough to melt mountains”

    God never created anything empty. There’s always a gift, or talent within every creature, and the grace to persever.

    Thanks for sharing, Adeleke. Stay blessed.

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      1. I love the part, “it take crushing for new wine; see adversity as an advantage”

        A lot of times, I’ve heard people say life is unfair to them, but I say this
        “Life has no plan for anyone, you’ve create a plan for yourself amidst all life hurdles”
        Gravels has existed for years as stones until someone saw it as a good part in building. Pick every stones throw at you as a building brick.
        My tribe have a popular saying, “the burnt house of a king adds more beauty to it”
        This is dependent on how the king reacts to it.

        Oil is pressed out of its source and everyone goes for it.
        For value there must be a pressing

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        1. Thank you, PD. If life is fair, it won’t be fun. It takes sunshine and raindrops to make flowers bloom. In fact, a seed that does not want to be ‘buried’ in darkness, die, decay and break forth can never flourish. Anyone with a fantastic future should never expect life to be fair.

          However, a generation that lives largely on fast food and fast internet may not understand the principles of ‘slow and steady’. Growth technology is not built on ‘press play’, it’s built on processes and behind the scene hard work.

          Thank you for sharing your thoughts PD


  3. Some people have the art of encouraging and inspiring, speaking into existence those small daily miracles we often overlook or take for granted, youve extracted the maximum in this carefully- crafted note …..a letter to pain…’re not helpless.
    Once the spirit takes its rightful place in the driving seat to steer the pain, one begins to feel the shift in the valley -that low stretch of land between hills- and appreciate the river of life flowing through.
    Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you for your brilliant feedback.

      Yes, life becomes an amazing journey when we learn to see the beautiful side of darkness, pressure and pain.
      Our spirit is the battleground; when we learn to win from within, nothing without can drain or drown us.

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  4. so powerfully and inspirationally delivered Dear Adeleke! Love it and this was such a great line.It “takes crushing to make a new wine,
    see adversity as an added advantage.
    It takes burning for the sun to shine,
    Pain is part of the colourful package”.
    ❤️ Cindy

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    1. You see, Kevin. We walk, talk, breath, think, laugh, sing and smile freely. I still wonder how our bodies are wired to do all of these sometimes simultaneously without any ‘external’ assistance.

      Some people need medical oxygen to breath, some live on life support ( God heal them). Some folks take God’s great grace for granted.

      Sleeping and waking up are miracles we often think are normal. Nothing is ‘normal’ about us, we are mobile miracles.

      Thank you for sharing your thought. I am glad this inspired you. ❤


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      1. We truly are miracles. We forget so often or live oblivious of this. But acknowledging this fact can change ones perspective of life for the better. Welcome and thank you 🙏🏻

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